Palatine Pretense: Historical Romance set in Ancient Rome Launches Feb 3, 2022

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"Palatine Pretense," by Jacinta Carey, Book 2 of the historical romance series The Ravishing Romans, set in Ancient Rome, is launching Feb 3, 2022 from HerStory Books

Jacinta Carey is launching her brand new book, “Palatine Pretense,” available online at Amazon and top retailers. Those who love historical romances can visit to learn more.

Jacinta Carey and her publishers at HerStory Books are delighted to announce Jacinta’s eighth historical romance novel, “Palatine Pretense,” which is Book 2 of The Ravishing Romans series, set in 40 AD, during the rule of Emperor Caligula.

“Palatine Pretense” features Quintus and Aurora, who meet in the most shocking circumstances, but soon become allies in a pretense which starts out as a fun game, but literally turns into a matter of life and death. Readers will love the chemistry between the couple. They should also find the suspense and intrigue interesting as well, and enjoy a little escape to the ancient world..

The Palatine Hill was the most prestigious area in Ancient Rome, and is the origin of the word “palace.” Quintus is the son of one of the most powerful men in Rome, but the secrets he keeps threaten his chances of ever winning Aurora for his own.

This is the eighth historical romance novel by Jacinta Carey. The book was written, like her others, in reference to a strange but fascinating tidbit of history, which she then transformed into a steamy romance.. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because this is the second book in the new Ravishing Romans series by this popular author, with two more on the way.

Jacinta is author of a number of popular historical romance series, including The Starbuck Saga, and The Wild Heart series. “Palatine Pretense” is set to go live February 3, 2022, available in digital format online at all major bookstores. The paperback will be available through Amazon. More information on this book and others by Jacinta Carey can be found here:

Jacinta Carey has a background in English, History and Classics, and is thrilled to re-visit Ancient Rome to explore one of the mad Emperor Caligula’s shocking edicts, and how it turned life upside down on the Palatine Hill.

When asked about why she wrote the book, Carey said, “I wanted to explore a little-known fact of history, and to show that Ancient Rome is the foundation of our modern society in many ways. And what could be more thrilling than a sexy couple falling in love, but having to defy the odds to win their happily ever after? “

Carey hopes that the book will entertain, illuminate, and deliver a sexy historical romance book lovers will adore reading as much as she did writing it. Her inspiration was the power of love no matter what the circumstances, even if the whole world seems to be in chaos..

“I LOVE writing romances, but I often get dragged back to non-fiction writing. It’s been a brutal schedule being a health writer with people being so desperate for accurate and reliable information about COVID-19 since January 2020, when I spotted the trend and knew it was going to be huge.

“But non-fiction isn’t quite as thrilling for me as writing romance, so during the dark times of the pandemic, it was a real relief to be able to escape from it all to Ancient Rome with these wonderful characters. I totally fell in love with Quintus and Aurora as they began to jump offf the page. Strong, interesting characters with a good sense of humor, and a splash of intrigue, are always great fun to write.”

The author made a point of thanking her family for putting up with her long hours at the computer. And to her readers, who make it all keep on writing romances about the power of love even amid the chaos of the past couple of years. She also wants to thank her history and Classics professors, who inspired her, and she hopes she can carry on in the same vein for her readers.

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Palatine Pretense: Synopsis

Rome, 40 AD

Aurora, a virginal young noblewoman, goes to Emperor Caligula’s new brothel on the Palatine Hill in order to be ‘ruined’ so she doesn’t have to go through with the awful arranged marriage her father is trying to force her into. She’s certain she can find a kind man willing to rescue her from her dire fate by playing along with her pretense.

Quintus is sick of his lonely life. His secrets prevent him from ever winning his heart’s desire: A woman who loves him for himself, not just his important family and vast wealth. He goes to the Palatine brothel hoping to find a woman with enough compassion to understand his sensual nature and aching need.

The meeting between innocent Aurora and world-weary Quintus is earth-shattering for both on every level. The physical and mental connection between them is so erotic, Aurora starts to think the unthinkable: To not just pretend to be ruined, but to become Quin’s lover in every way.

As their pretense moves from role-play to reality, their love grows with every kiss and caress. But soon their enemies begin to plot against Aurora to separate the young lovers forever.

Aurora discovers the shocking truth about the real reasons for the arranged marriage. As the net closes around Aurora, can Quin save the love of his life before it’s too late?

Those interested in purchasing “Palatine Pretense” can visit Amazon, or Herstory Books.

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