Paired for Style Announces Its New Online Launch

When Paired for Style says Free Shipping Worldwide, they mean it!

When Paired for Style says Free Shipping Worldwide, they mean it!

Monsey, New York Oct, 30, 2017 – Paired for Style debuted its new online look September 17, 2017 and now their products can be shipped worldwide at no additional cost. That’s a huge undertaking that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. Their entire line of products is available for anyone anywhere in the world and there are absolutely no shipping costs.

Paired for Style is a growing online boutique that is looking to add a complete line of Baby & Mom, Health & Beauty as well as Home & Garden products to an already huge line of merchandise. Customers are able to enjoy the many products in Men’s and Women’s apparel as well as a huge line of accessories. But, Paired for Style is committed to adding new merchandise that fits the quality and low-cost criteria they’ve already established.

There is no other way to interpret “100% Free Shipping Worldwide On All Orders.” Customers from around the world will be able to enjoy the same value because shipping is no longer a factor. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of retail, marketing and IT experts have been compiled to deliver the finest customer experience. They have brought their skills together to solve the huge customer gap that existed with worldwide distribution.

Paired for Style is equipped with an extensive dealer network that serves to further grow the brand as it offers exciting new products throughout the world. Customers will be introduced to an entirely new way of shopping online and a customer experience that is targeted to surpass any other brand. In no time, Paired for Style will be the business to model as it finds new innovative ways to reach and serve its growing loyal customer base.

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