Painless Vaginal Health Rejuvenation Wand Blue/Red Light Therapy Device Released

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MyElle, a women's vaginal health company based in California, has released a new product called the MyElle rejuvenation wand, that offers a noninvasive and painless solution to female vaginal problems from postpartum to menopause.

MyElle, a women’s health technology company based in California, has launched a new product called the MyElle vaginal rejuvenation wand. The blue and red light therapy device is designed to improve women’s vaginal health from postpartum to menopause through photobiomodulation.

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The latest announcement is in line with MyElle’s goal of creating and distributing a unique product for women that helps tackle sensitive issues, such as painful intercourse.

Retailing at $395.00, the new product uses red-light and blue light wavelengths to promote cellular repair and healing while strengthening the pelvic floor. The team at MyElle states that it is common for women to experience a difference in the function of their pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy. In some cases, these differences can lead to leakage or incontinence. The MyElle rejuvenation wand can help by tightening the vaginal canal, helping to rehabilitate it naturally.

The new product also helps with menopause symptoms. When women experience menopause, the reduction of estrogen can lead to the thinning and drying of tissue. The MyElle rejuvenation wand encourages tissue repair, promotes tightening, and increases lubrication. The red-light technology increases fibroblast production which can produce and protect collagen.

The MyElle rejuvenation wand sterilizes bacteria and decreases inflammation which helps to control or stop issues such as yeast infections and combats common issues such as pain.

There are other benefits of using the new MyElle rejuvenation wand, including a reduction in scar tissue, a detox or elimination of odor, and an improvement in lining sensitivity. The new product is 100% natural, and unlike many competing products on the market, it is drug-free with no side effects.

The MyElle rejuvenation wand is designed for discreet in-home use. MyElle recommends using it three times per week with a treatment time of ten minutes for maximum benefit.

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