Pain And Illness Treatment Qigong Energy Distant Healing Services Launched

Energy healer Michael Mohoric at Qigong Energy Healing recently updated his range of distant healing sessions for those looking to bring balance and harmony to their mind and body.

Energy healer Michael Mohoric at Qigong Energy Healing announced the launch of an updated range of powerful global distant healing solutions. The Qigong Energy Healing sessions work on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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Qigong is the cultivation of one’s life force energy through gentle exercises, meditation and clinical treatment. The newly launched global distant healing solutions at Qigong Energy Healing can provide good support when facing physical, emotional and mental stress.

Distant energy healing can be used for any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions or concerns.

Qigong is an incredibly powerful ancient healing modality that has been passed down orally from teacher to student for thousands of years. This type of healing restores one’s natural balance and connects the mind, body and soul.

Michael Mohoric is an experienced Qigong healer who studied with several teachers and with the Tibetan Qigong Master Zi Sheng Wang. He first used Qigong techniques to learn to walk again after a severe spinal cord injury. Now, he does distant energy healing sessions for groups of people around the world.

During these healing sessions, Michael Mohoric creates an environment for deep relaxation so that the energy can flow smoothly throughout the body. He helps his patients inspire trust in their body’s own natural ability and desire to heal.

By working with Michael Mohoric at Qigong Energy Healing, patients will be able to relieve the physical, mental and spiritual level of pain, tension and stress and create a sense of well being and oneness.

A satisfied patient said: “I can tell that this energy is very pure and high-vibration, and it works very efficiently throughout the body, helping it completely release the dis-ease from whatever conditions we are working on at the soul level. Thank you for helping me and my body regain our equilibrium on all levels of being.”

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