Packshots Direct creates fixed priced product shots that convert

Packshots Direct LTD announced that photography is a crucial part of any creative strategy. eCommerce store holders can find out more information on

Nowadays we live in a visual world. A customer walks into a brick and mortar store because they like what they see from outside. Similarly, when customers land on a online store page, their attention gravitates to the images first and, if they like what they see, they keep on browsing and, hopefully, make a purchase. That is why product photography is essential to the success of any eCommerce operation.

Quality product images are a key driver of store engagement, conversion and retention, and overall customer lifetime value. Packshots Direct understands how important it is for products to stand out from competitors. While at the same time, keeping the cost under control. The UK based photography studio delivers premium pack shots for a fixed price. The photographers work with some of the high street’s best known brands and understand how to present images that deliver a return on investment. The company provides additional information and resources on the company website:

When asked about the reasons behind the success of Packshots Direct, Chris King, Founder of Packshots Direct LTD said; ““When we photograph products we are not just trying to show the item, we are trying to create a mood and a feeling that we want people to experience when they see and use these products. There is so much competition in online sales, and unless you can compete by having the lowest prices around you really have to find other ways to make your products stand apart from the rest. In a brick and mortar store a very specific mood is created through the lighting, music, decor, etc. Ideally, the mood you create would be something that resonates with and attracts your potential customers. With an online store a picture is worth a thousand words because it’s the only way the customer can experience not only the product but also that mood you want to evoke.”

Photography is a Crucial Part of any Creative Strategy

Images grab and hold consumer attention, forming their first impressions, so make sure they are unique and resonating. The internet is flooded with visual content, but only a handful of it actually improves non-verbal communication and influences consumer emotions. That is the difference between generic photos and photography that tells a story with your product, setting, and color themes.

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