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Ian Smith, an Australian business magnate has released his best-selling book on, "The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success" to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

Ian Marsh, a renowned business builder and coach has released his best-selling book containing the little known knowledge of what it takes to get a business to the top of its game. The grim reality he reveals is that most businesses fail and his book is designed to turn that around for any business owner who takes the time to read and implement its principles and strategies.

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The release of “The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success” can help the thousands of business owners struggling in light of the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. The book contains the information why most business owners do not become millionaires and the one simple thing they can change that will put them on the road to success.

“The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success” explains that the wildly popularised book, “The Secret” only contains part of the truth. Ian explains that the other part of success is not discussed, is not complicated and when implemented will automatically bring the results a local business owner is seeking.

This dynamic book gives readers the hard facts that they know at an intuitive level. For instance, many entrepreneurs stay small because of the small, negative and debilitating people and circumstances they allow to remain as a part of their lives. This books gives business owners a way to break free of these influences and flourish.

The book uses Roger Bannister as an example and teaches one to take a ‘top-down’ approach and create a system that helps one to realise their goals and achieve the lifestyle they’ve dreamed of. By writing down exactly what goals need to be hit in the area of leads, sales, reviews, and other concrete metrics a small, struggling, marginally profitable business can soar to a point where buyers are wanting to buy the business for a handsome profit.

Other topics covered in this short but powerful success manual include Creating an Action Plan, Small Incremental Steps, Improving Areas by just 5%, Making Huge Improvements in Profits, The Importance of Clarity, and Making the Vision a Reality.

James and Alex Medved, owners of Equiluxe Horse Floats, share, “When we met Ian we were moving around one trailer per month for around $20k. Within 3 months of implementing Ian’s Systems, we were doing between 4 and 5 horse floats a month.”

Ian’s release of “The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success” is now available for a small shipping and handling fee. Any local business owner struggling to go to the next level is encouraged to get a copy today.

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