Ozark MO Parkinsons Disease Functional Medicine Treatment Guide Launched

A new guide to functional medicine and the treatment potential for Parkinson’s has been launched. It highlights that there are alternative approaches to the traditional medicine option.

Sharlin Health & Neurology has launched a new guide to functional medicine treatment for Parkinson’s. The team explains that the US has around one million people living with Parkinson’s, and the clinic aims to provide effective holistic solutions.

More information can be found at: https://functionalmedicine.doctor/functional-medicine-and-the-treatment-of-parkinsons-disease

The newly launched guide aims to provide detailed insight and information into the situation of Parkinson’s sufferers in the United States. The disease impacts people’s lives and can make everyday tasks difficult.

Currently, the standard treatments for the condition consist of medication and surgical therapy. However, a primary issue with these approaches is that they are not tailored to the individual. Furthermore, all the treatment does is address the symptoms.

Neurologist and functional medicine doctor, Ken Sharlin, has spent years working with patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. In the newly launched guide, he explains that Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disorder, which predominantly affects the nerve cells that produce dopamine.

When dopamine decreases, abnormal brain activity occurs. This can then lead to the signs of Parkinson’s, which typically begins in the middle and later years of life.

Readers will find that the newly launched guide discusses what Parkinson’s involves, and some of the common symptoms associated with the disease. These include stiffness and limb rigidity, slow movement, balance issues, and little to no facial expression.

The guide reveals that in conventional medicine, the condition is treated with medication that replaces dopamine. However, in both instances, the disorder continues to progress.

By understanding Parkinson’s through a functional medicine framework, it’s possible to uncover a different approach. Dr Ken Sharlin has been working to uncover the root cause of the disease, and help patients to improve the quality of their life without drugs or surgery.

The newly launched guide states: “Drugs and surgery are not the only options. Guided by the functional medicine approach, Dr Ken Sharlin has developed an advanced protocol for Parkinson’s disease called Brain Tune Up.”

With this treatment approach, over five to eight months, participants are equipped with the tools they need to boost their wellbeing. The program draws on correctly identifying the problem, the functional medicine timeline, a personalized care plan, addressing environmental factors, and fixing imbalances.

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