Owner of St Clair Shores Furnace Repair/Tune Up Company Publishes Timely Advice

The owner of Matt & Sons Heating and Cooling, Matthew Cebulski, has published timely advice on his website for homeowners to take necessary precautions for the approaching winter. Matt & Sons is a certified Furnace Repair & Tuneup Company based in St Clair Shore, MI.

Matthew Cebulski, owner Matt & Sons Heating and Cooling, has published timely advice on his website for homeowners, Mattandsons.com, regarding the approaching Detroit winter and the precautions that need to be taken. Matt & Sons is a certified St Clair Shores Furnace Repair & Tuneup Company with a long track record in the Detroit Metro area.

Many homeowners understand that an annual furnace checkup is beneficial before the approach of a Detroit winter. Unfortunately, the majority of these homeowners do not feel that it is money well spent. They wait until the furnace breaks down and requires costly repairs. There are many excellent reasons to avoid those costly repairs by having an annual furnace checkup before a cold winter approaches.

It is interesting to note that the furnace portion in an average Detroit energy bill is responsible for about 50 percent. A well tuned furnace will use less energy and be more efficient. In fact, there is scientific proof that a homeowner can save up to 30% by having a yearly furnace maintenance done in the fall. As an additional bonus, the furnace will last years longer when signing up for a regular furnace maintenance program.

An annual furnace maintenance program will also keep a family safe. Some furnace system problems include gas leaks and a gas leak is extremely dangerous for every member of the household. A faulty furnace can also run the risk of a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide leaks are harder to detect because the gas is odorless and colorless. A high carbon monoxide level in your home can cause headaches, nausea, and in extreme cases even death.

Every furnace comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If warranty work is required, the manufacturer will ask for service records to show that the furnace has been well maintained. Annual furnace maintenance will provide the best proof that furnace warranty is still valid.

According to Matthew, a well-maintained furnace will provide any family with security and warmth during those cold Detroit winter days. He advises homeowners to call a reputable furnace repair company and schedule an appointment for an annual furnace maintenance.

Matt & Sons Heating and Cooling is a licensed, bonded and insured St Clair Shores, MI Furnace Repair & Tune-up Company that serves the Detroit Metro area, specifically Macomb County.

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