Overland Park Rapid Weight Loss Clinic Peronalized Holistic Program Launched

Pierce Medical announced the launch of a comprehensive medically supervised weight management program and a special discount for new applicants to the program. A leading provider of alternative health solutions in Kansas, the organization offers Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and esthetic services.

Kansas-based wellness and weight loss specialty clinic Pierce Medical announced the launch of its clinical weight loss program and a special discount for new patients of the rapid weight loss program. The program includes a carefully personalized and supervised medical lifestyle improvement strategy, periodic follow-up, metabolic profiling and control, and a multi-factor fitness regimen.

More information about the weight management program can be found at http://pierceclinic.com.

The Pierce Medical weight management program offers a holistic medical weight loss or weight gain strategy that is based on the principles of sound medicine. The focus of this program is to enable and empower positive long-term weight loss that is personalized by accounting for a wide range of factors including age, weight, general health, stress factors, current medical conditions, and genetic profile.

Individually tailored clinical weight loss or weight gain interventions include dietary planning, behavioral coaching, fitness strategies, nutritional instruction, and medication management. The program tailors meal plans and food replacements for patients with special conditions such as Type II Diabetes and other medical conditions. This is done with a view to sustainable long-term weight management and in order to ensure that the charted weight loss program poses no medical risks.

Other alternative therapies offered include HCG administration, appetite suppressants, fasting, and weight gain programs. Pernicious anemia is also treated at Pierce Medical through the administration of cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) injections.

Pierce Medical is also a leading provider of esthetic wellness solutions including cellulite reduction and laser hair removal. The facility also offers chelation therapy to remove undesirable mineral content from the human body and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), a treatment that avoids the harmful side effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapies.

Pierce Medical is a leading provider of medically supervised alternative healthcare. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, the organization has more than three decades of experience in alternative weight loss programs and professional esthetics, adding BHRT to the suite of treatments available through the facility. Pierce Medical provides a comprehensive weight management solution to healthy individuals as well as to patients who suffer from various medical conditions.

A consultation to discuss Kansas weight loss programs or other therapies can be scheduled by visiting http://pierceclinic.com.

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