Overland Park KS HVAC/HEPA Installation/Repair For Post-Pandemic Safety Update

Kansas City, MO-based Dillon's Heating and Cooling (+1-913-214-1343) have launched updated HVAC installation services, helping businesses in Olathe and Independence maintain health regulations.

Dillon’s Heating and Cooling, commercial heating and ventilation specialists based in Kansas City, MO, have launched updated services for businesses in Olathe, Independence, Overland Park, and the wider Kansas City area. The launch provides business owners with comprehensive upgrades of their heating and cooling systems to ensure compliance with current social health regulations.

More details can be found here https://www.dillonsheatingandcooling.com/post/will-your-commercial-property-need-an-upgraded-hvac

The company offers a newly updated range of modifications and upgrades to business premises to ensure companies meet their social and legal obligations in a post-pandemic world. Dillon’s Heating and Cooling offer expertise in ventilation, now known to be crucial in halting viral transmission.

As the global health crisis continues to make its impact felt across the U.S., no sector of the economy has gone unaffected by the restrictions that have followed. As more people begin to venture out as vaccines become more widely available, providing a safe, healthy environment has become a priority for businesses nationwide.

Dillon’s Heating and Cooling offer a range of methods to combat the spread of germs and optimize the flow of purified air. These include indoor air filtration, ultra-violet light purification, and HVAC ventilation.

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) offers clients a way to expel stale air from inside and replace it with fresh air from outside. Dillon’s recommends this approach for buildings with HVAC systems.

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) systems are able to collect virus-carrying droplets. This option is suitable for buildings without a HVAC system as a portable version can be installed in non-ducted locations.

Dillon’s team of experienced engineers can also provide UV light air purifiers to ensure a reduction in virus transmission. UV light has been shown to act as an effective disinfectant by destroying the outer protein of viruses.

Dillon’s Heating and Cooling are a locally owned and operated business. They are committed to the highest standards of customer care, offering innovative technology to keep businesses safely ventilated in the modern era.

A spokesperson says, “Our goal is to provide every customer with high-quality services and honest pricing that exceeds their expectations.”

With the launch of their updated HVAC services for businesses, Dillon’s Heating and Cooling continue to make clean, healthy air and dedicated customer service the standard for clients throughout Kansas City and beyond.

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