Overcomplicated SAP environments becoming more costly and complex for businesses

Avantra, leaders in automated SAP operations talk about how so many companies over complicated the SAP monitoring methods that they put in place.

Large SAP environments can quickly become unwieldy, complex and costly, this is where SAP HANA monitoring tools come in handy says SAP experts Avantra. Because of version dependencies and long playbooks that require manual configuration, errors are common.

The large number of systems makes it difficult to decide where to prioritise resources and properly monitor the SAP landscape. Traditional SAP monitoring tools (such as Solution Manager, CCMS, or IT APM tools) generate thousands of warnings every day.

The vast majority of these warnings go completely ignored, due to it being difficult to see the forest for the trees. Talent has begun moving on to new positions, institutional expertise is being lost, and onboarding new operations personnel is a costly and time-consuming process.

Implementing SAP monitoring solutions enables the team to increase SAP management productivity and performance, ensure continuity, and concentrate on higher priority tasks.

Avantra are aware that the maintenance of SAP landscape health manually is a tedious task, which is why their SAP HANA monitoring tool has hundreds of built-in health, security, compliance and even performance monitors which are all automatically deployed.

SAP itself enjoys a well-earned and extensive track record as the go-to system for most large and mid-market level enterprises. This German-based software giant is providing a multitude of companies the computing power that they need to run every aspect of their business.

In an effort to become a one-stop shop for all of an enterprise’s automation needs, SAP has continued to release more modules with advanced add-on features. While these ever-increasing capabilities open up more options for enterprise clients, they also increase the risk of a potentially devastating system outage.

Recent research conducted has shown how frightening these concerns actually are, an IDC report estimated that outages can cost up to $1million per hour, some cases even more.

In response to this, many companies have deployed a veritable army of SAP experts to keep their systems running 24 x 7.

They must not only ensure uptime, but also maintain peak system-wide performance while enforcing company policies and guarding against potential internal and external security threats.

To find out more about Avantra and their SAP HANA monitoring tool, or other software resources available for SAP through them, see their website here: https://www.avantra.com/

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