Overcoming Personal Trauma Motivational Veteran PTSD Self Help Book Announced

Baz Porter’s upcoming book ‘Using Trauma to Thrive’ is due to be released on November 11th. The book uses Baz’s personal experiences to help others learn how they can overcome their own trauma.

Motivational speaker and thought leader Baz Porter has announced the launch of his upcoming veteran self-help and motivational book ‘Using Trauma to Thrive,’ on November 11th. The book aims to provide readers with information to help them to recover from prior life experiences and use them to live a rewarding life.

More information is available at https://bazporter.com/product/using-trauma-to-thrive-2

The new veteran self-help book from Baz Porter provides readers with details about his own personal experiences and traumas that shaped his life. The book aims to use these personal accounts, coupled with motivational advice, to help others see how they can adapt their past trauma to overcome adversity and improve their lives.

Throughout their lives, people can endure painful experiences and issues such as depression and addiction that can be detrimental to their mental health and physical wellbeing. The ability to adapt to these issues and recover from them is vital for long-term happiness and success in later life. Having suffered from similar situations, Baz Porter’s first-hand experiences give people the benefit of an insight into the issues that empathizes with their own situations and shows the possibilities of how to work through them.

Using Trauma to Thrive is partially a memoir, and partially a self-help book as Baz Porter’s shares his own difficulties with PTSD, addiction, and depression. While suffering from these issues, Baz Porter discovered that he could work through his trauma and find a way to recover his life. Now, as a motivational speaker and transformational coach, Baz aims to help others overcome their own trauma and find happiness.

In his new book, Baz Porter speaks on his life in a conversational style, which aims to help readers to connect with the message he delivers. Furthermore, the book is launched on November 11th and will be available in both hardback and digital formats to ensure it is available to people regardless of their reading preference.

As a thought leader, Baz Porter also offers a range of services, such as speaking on topics including self-empowerment and overcoming PTSD. Additionally, Baz Porter offers a variety of resources on his websites, such as blogs, podcasts, and videos.

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