Overcome Anxiety – Radical New Book Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Best Selling New Self Help Book Brings the Latest Neuroscience and Secrets of Therapy to a Mass Audience

The Covid-19 Pandemic has also lead to a global Pandemic of anxiety. The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that married couples saw an increase in levels of severe anxiety from 19% in 2019 to 39% during the Lockdown. As we slowly emerge from lockdown, we will likely see further fallout from the ‘long tail’ of anxiety and wider mental health damage.

Launched in March, “Bye-Bye Anxiety -Your Four-Step Guide to being Calmer, More Confident and More Content” has already made the Amazon Best Seller List. This powerful yet simple, self-help book by leading RTT Therapist and Mindset Coach, Jonathan Butler, will allow anybody affected by anxiety to really take control of their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This Powerful new book shares with a mass audience the latest, practical understanding of how our minds really work and the Therapy techniques that actually work. This easy to read book, with powerful self-help tools takes self-help to a new level of accessibility.

Just last week the BBC reported on both the Jeremy Vine show and on ‘BBC The Social’ about the emerging challenges of “Post Lockdown Anxiety.” It reported how many people are now feeling deep anxiety about resuming ‘normal’ social activities. Most significantly, people report worries about returning to the workplace.

Even before the Pandemic, Mental Health services were overwhelmed with access to both Children’s and Adult Mental Health Services effectively rationed to those in a moment of crisis.

Now, on top of so many people already dealing with the burden of chronic (constant) anxiety, we will likely see many more causes of anxiety. Returning to work, job Insecurity, money worries, relationship strains, isolation and loneliness are all areas of concern for people. Add these issues to this explosion in health anxiety and we have a perfect storm of anxiety-related illnesses.

Jonathan works as a Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational (RTT) Therapist and Mindset Coach to Hollywood Actors, Elite Sportspeople, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs. In this book he shares the techniques that have helped his clients transform their thinking, outcomes and personal well-being. Jonathan believes that too many people sacrifice personal well-being in the pursuit of their goals. He helps people to enjoy their journey in life, as well as achieving their goals.

After delivering a hugely successful webinar, seen by thousands, on coping with anxiety at the beginning of the lockdown, Jonathan wanted to reach an even wider audience that could benefit from his work as a Therapist, specialising in overcoming anxiety.

Jonathan says.” I have been able to help hundreds of individual clients overcome anxiety, in as little as 21 days, working as a Therapist. However, the current crisis made me want to help as many people as possible. In this practical and powerful book, I share what I have learned from the greatest minds in neuroscience and Therapy, on how to make significant changes in a short time. I really wanted to make the steps easy to follow for anybody and go beyond what can normally be taught in a book.

Praise for Bye-Bye Anxiety by Jonathan Butler includes

“This book succeeds in distilling a complex subject into a clear, practical and effective approach to making real change in your life. It brings the best of techniques such as NLP, CBT and hypnosis together to create a self-help program that really pushes the boundaries of how much can be taught in a book. The exercises are incredibly powerful and bring the secrets of therapy to a mass audience.”

Andy Harrington, Sunday Times Best Selling Author – Passion Into Profit

“I previously read the Chimp Paradox a few years ago and it reminds me of that book but with a more structured approach to fixing what is broken with the 21 Day time stamp. It really is very good”

Brent Jackson, Commercial Director, FloodFlash Insurance and Property Entrepreneur

“Working with Jonathan and his amazing methods and tools has been truly game-changing for me. I now appreciate just what I have achieved. I have renewed energy and belief in my actions.”

Wendy Flanagan. Founder and Owner of the Holistic Home

“I loved reading this. Practical, concise and with some great examples. It really resonated with me.”

Nigel Field. Boardroom Advisor and former head of Transformation and people at Three

“Jon is a very creative thinker who is able to simplify complex issues into tangible and practical solutions”

Dr Rick Norris. NHS Consultant Psychologist and Author of Think Yourself Fit

Bye-Bye Anxiety, Your 4 Steps To Greater Confidence, Calmness And Contentment, is available exclusively on Amazon as both an e-book and a paperback Hypnosis for Anxiety

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