Over 40 Daily Weight Loss Routine To Increase Exercise TEE and BMR Launched

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Online health advisory company, Superfit Wellness, have launched a previously undiscovered morning routine that can reduce weight, improve energy and improve sleep quality.

Online health advisory company, Superfit Wellness, has launched their daily routine to help people in the over-40 age group to lose weight and increase energy.

More details can be found at https://superfitwellness.org/?cam=pr1216

The program focuses on a morning routine that is aimed at decreasing cravings for food and restoring energy levels.

The routine helps overcome the multiple changes in the body that contribute to an increase in weight-gain for those in the over-40 age group. Hormonal changes, decreased metabolism, decreased muscle-mass, lifestyle and genetic predispositions can all contribute to weight gain.

Hormones within the body begin to change in the mid-30s and into the 40s. For men that means a decrease in testosterone and for women decreasing levels of estrogen. For both the result is the same: fat accumulation within the body becomes more centralized.

In addition, the newly launched routine helps overcome the problem that as the basal metabolism rate (BMR) decreases, the amount of total energy expended (TEE) during exercise also decreases. Some experts have suggested that metabolism can decrease by about 5% for every decade after 40, meaning that the body requires 60-100 fewer calories every 10 years.

The body also begins to lose muscle-mass after 40. Scientists believe this is due to a decline in the motor units in the muscles, causing them to fire with less regularity. Muscular activity is the primary means by which the body burns calories, and less muscle means less calories burned. This can be compounded by lifestyles that are focused on sedentary activities, such as sitting for long periods, which is increasingly common among many professionals.

Finally, genetics can play a large part in how and where the body stores fat.

The new routine, announced by Superfit Wellness, was recently discovered from a small group of island inhabitants in the Indian Ocean, and focuses on a 10-second morning routine. It is said to have multiple restorative properties such as: improved mood and energy, reduced food cravings, better sleep, and weight loss.

A representative of the company said: “I love who I have become because of this daily routine”.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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