Outsourced IT in Chicago Continues to Grow – Jexet Technology Reaps Benefits of Growing Niche

IT Outsourcing is a growing field because the complexity of the IT ecosystem. Jexet Technology of Chicago has grown due to a need for experts across many technology installations a single person can not handle by themselves.

Chicago, IL, USA – September 12th, 2014 /PressCable/

Jexet Technology of Chicago is a mature business in a growing niche of IT providers who work with companies in Chicago to act as their IT department. This niche is growing quickly because the nature of technology in 2014 makes it nearly impossible for a 1 or 2 man team to keep up on all of the technology in the marketplace.

Companies like Jexet Technology have sprung into existence because the breadth and depth of information required to run an IT department in 2014 is too big for a single IT expert. The Jexet team is able to help through diversity.

An average company has a lot of IT connections to consider. First of all, there is the on-site part of IT. This generally consists of servers, firewalls, computers, printers, copiers, and phone systems. Then there is the software side, applications hosted in the Cloud, firmware updates, new software license management. Managing all this is more than a one person job.

According to Daniel Wang, founder of Jexet, “Our company hires technicians with different specialties because every company's IT ecosystem is different. One company may use older legacy server applications while another may be more in the cloud. The key is diversification” This is not true with just the IT capabilities, but the Jexet Technology staff also happens to be bi-lingual for the most part. Many of the workers speak English and Chinese.

Some of the certifications and partnerships Jexet currently possess include the following; Microsoft Gold partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, VMware, Cisco, Dell Direct, Lenovo, and Citrix.

According to Wang, “With each partnership there is a team lead who heads up that offering so there is precise expertise on the team with any partnership we take on. That person goes to trainings and is involved in that community. The philosophy is to grow by going deeper, not wider. We add a tech who specializes on a technology when the market demands it over “winging it” and hoping we can figure it out.”

For companies looking to outsource their IT Services in Chicago, Jexet can be reached by phone at 312-651-6304 or through their website http://www.jexet.com

Contact Info:
Name: Danielle Xiang
Organization: Jexet Technology
Website: http://www.jexet.com
Phone: 312-651-6304
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