Outsourced Food Operations Company Launches New Site and Expands Services

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Outsourced food operations company Right Brain Consulting combines forces with BJH Food Safety to provide expanded services. The new website showcases the full extent of the services provided.

Right Brain Consulting has been providing contract manufacturer strategies for years, primarily focusing on contract negotiations and day-to-day issue resolution for new food product companies, managing relationships with contract manufacturers for food companies. In the past couple years, the company has expanded to include operations management, supply chain management services, including the sourcing of ingredients, management of third-party service company relationships and issues such as food product packaging, storage, transportation service management.

Now Right Brain Consulting has joined forces with BJH Food Safety to expand food quality and safety services, including services such as mock audits, development of food product processes and sanitation protocols.

“Most emerging food companies are overwhelmed by the complexities of operations management and food safety requirements,” says Will Madden, founder of Right Brain Consulting. “The company is often in the process of scaling the business, which includes managing a multitude of operations processes. Sourcing of ingredients, for example, can be extremely tricky and quite expensive, if mishandled. Business owners who get involved in the day-to-day challenges of operations and supply chain management no longer have time for marketing and the promotion of the company brand.”

“Right Brain Consulting has bulked up its staff to include food quality and safety experts, along with supply chain management and operations management specialists,” Madden says. “As a consultancy, Right Brain Consulting manages the day-to-day demands of running a food company, including working with contract manufacturers and third-party service providers. This frees food company business owners to focus on innovation of new food products and growth as a company.”

The Right Brain Consulting staff boasts over 200 years of collective experience in the food and beverage industry. The consultancy recently took on its 100th client.

Those interested can learn more about the expanded services by visiting the company website and submitting a contact form with relevant inquiries.

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