Outsourced Accounting Firm BOSS Promotes Grounding to Aid Less Mistakes at Work

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Australian BOSS outsourced accounting firm jumps into the deep end with health advice for accounting firm owners struggling to keep their eyes open at work

Lindfield, NSW, AU – Most people spend their working week in an office under bright lights, walking around with shoes on carpet on top of concrete floors. When they’re not in the office, the remainder of their time is usually at home on laptops and in front of the television. Of all the hours in a day, how much time is spent outdoors and of those outdoor hours, how many are spent barefoot walking on the surface of the earth?

With all the electrical appliances surrounding us combined with wi-fi coming from routers, computers, mobile phones, smart metres, electricity meter boxes and the like people (and animals & plants) are literally swamped with electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s around the clock, even when sleeping. Nobody cannot escape them these days. But what if there was something that could be done to wash off the EMF’s that are causing so many health issues?

Grounding, or Earthing as it’s also known in some circles, is a term given to walking barefoot (or just making contact) on the earth’s surface. No shoes is key here. Shoes have a sole, usually rubber and it’s this rubber that breaks the connection between humans and earth. And making contact with earth is where the magic begins. While being in touch with the earth’s surface, it has the ability to pull electrical fields or EMF’s from the body and absorb them. It’s when staying disconnected by wearing shoes and spending so much time indoors that the connection is lost and EMF’s have the chance to build up inside the body and cause many health problems. And anyone working indoors full time, including outsourced accounting staff are all equally affected.

As simply as walking barefoot has been proven to assist people with achieving better sleep, reducing stress levels by balancing cortisol (stress hormones) and helping with pain management as well as lots of other chronic health conditions. Grounding has been shown to calm the nervous system by kicking the fight or flight response into rest and digest mode.

Outsourced accounting firm BOSS recommends watching the following free documentary to see what all the healing momentum is about.

“Grounded” – An independent documentary about grounding


Lee Court, Marketing Manager and Client Relations Officer for outsourced accounting firm BOSS says, “Encouraging your staff to spend more time barefoot when they are outdoors, no matter how strange a suggestion it may be, is something that could end up helping them immensely due to healing health issues that they thought they may never find answers for. These days people of all ages are suffering with chronic health conditions that only afflicted the elderly once-upon-a-time. These conditions can also affect their working life in the form of less energy, more mistakes made and general discontent. If something as simple as walking barefoot could help people live happier and healthier lives then spreading the word makes a lot of sense.”

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