OTROAH Announces Substantial Price Reduction And New Version Of Mix Bottle In The Planning For 2015

Learn more about the innovative Mix Bottle by visiting the company OTROAH's official web page today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Peter Carter at the location provided below.

Otroah are pleased to announce that they have cut the price for their combined water bottle and shaker blender to less than half of the original price. The exclusive premium product, Mix Bottle, loved by health and fitness enthusiasts has now become inexpensive enough to fit the most restricted budget.


In line with the company philosophy of protecting the resources of the planet, in 2014 OTROAH announced the launch of their stainless steel mix bottle that is reusable indefinitely. Traditional water bottles are manufactured of plastic or aluminum which are wasteful of the natural resources and can harm the water supply when not disposed of properly.

Another goal of the company was to further save on resources by creating a bottle that has multiple uses. Mix Bottle is a water bottle, a blender bottle and a shaker bottle all in one. Released and named in 2014, the bottle has been selling successfully on various platforms, including Amazon.com. Thanks to product demand and improvedproduction methods, the company has been able to significantly reduce the costof the bottle to the point where customers can acquire the premium quality MixBottle at a competitive price with lesser quality competitors products.

According to the production manager at OTROAH, “Mix Bottle is a premium product even though the price is now dramatically reduced. There are further plans for improvement during 2015, although we aren’t releasing details yet. We value the feedbackfrom our customers and are incorporating it into our future planning for product updates.”

He continues, “2015 is the perfect time to get a Mix Bottle at this attractive price. Each customer will have the opportunity to receive an early bird special promotional price on updated Mix Bottles or on new releases of related products from OTROAH.”

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