Oryx Introduces Oral Health Score Assessment to Dental Patients

Oryx Dental Software introduces the new and revolutionary online oral health self-assessment that provides patients with an immediate evaluation of their oral health.

Introducing Oral Health Score from Oryx Dental Software, the new and revolutionary online oral health self-assessment that provides patients with an immediate evaluation of their oral health. Based off of principles established by the Kois Center, the world’s most renowned Dental Continuing Education program, the Oral Health Score’s algorithm analyzes patients’ responses and provides risk estimates for gum health, teeth health, bite and jaw joint health, and smile attractiveness. Once the Oral Health Score is completed, users will find it easy to locate a qualified dentist in their area through the online listing, who can interpret the results.

To interpret the Oral Health Score, you will need to calculate the four Oral Health Score risk estimates based on the principles that are integrated into Oryx Dental Software’s practice management software. Dentists, dental professionals, and office managers using the Oryx Dental Software platform will be equipped with the resources required to diagnose patients, while referring to the Oral Health Score. Oryx Dental Software streamlines and standardizes the dental office workflow, starting from scheduling patient appointments to the time they walk out the door.

Oral Health Score is designed to help you stand out from the competition, since no other software or platform has this integrated feature that allows you to tap into the dental office’s system. Oryx Dental Software is an innovator and is leading the dental industry with this seamless integration of professionally collected, HIPAA compliant, patient data. Dentists use the Oral Health Score to assess the patient’s information, which can be filled out before patients book or schedule appointments. The Oral Health Score allows dental professionals to prepare patient forms ahead of time, provide and complete all the necessary documentation, and be better prepared before patients book their appointments. The Oral Health Score platform is also paired with marketing tools that make it easy for dental practices to advertise oral health in their community. This can easily be done by raising awareness and engaging patients to become more interested in their own oral health. Moreover, Oryx enlists you as a preferred oral health care provider so that patients who are looking in your area will be able to find you and book an appointment online through the platform. The Oryx platform is automated with a lifetime of clinical knowledge and equips dentists with resources to complement and enhance their knowledge when performing even the most difficult of cases. The platform also features automated processes that lessen workload, increase efficiency, and provide an unparalleled user experience.

The Oral Health Score questionnaire and risk percentages are designed to be used as a self-assessment tool only. Your risk estimates are generated from the responses provided during the questionnaire, and only your dentist can provide an accurate assessment of your dental health. The Oral Health Score questionnaire and results are not meant to replace a comprehensive professional exam and should not be viewed as medical or professional advice.

Oryx Dental Software is a revolutionary evidence and cloud-based diagnostically driven dental platform for dental professionals and patients. It is a global platform that offers everyone in the dental office peace of mind with its patient engagement tools, an evidence-based clinical module, automated risk assessment and diagnosis, in addition to billing and advanced reporting all in one.

To learn more about Oryx Dental Software’s My Oral Health Score, visit their main site or contact them directly on support@oryxdentalsoftware.com to request a free demo.


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