Orthopedic Braces for Back Neck & Knee Support Medical Grade Products Launched

Online store Brace Market has launched new orthopedic brace products. The company is the preferred provider for medical grade orthopedic braces and supports and offers free shipping on all orders.

Online store Brace Market has launched new orthopedic braces and supports at discount prices. The company is the preferred provider of Comfortland Medical products, the leading manufacturer of medical grade braces and supports.

More information can be found here: http://bracemarket.com

Joint pain and life post-injury can be debilitating. Comfortable and supportive orthopedic braces can be the difference between pain and comfort. Brace Market has a wide selection of orthopedic braces of all types including back, neck, knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, arm and foot braces.

Available back braces include Delta universal LSO’s, Delta specialty series, pneumatic LSO’s and elastic LSO’s and wraps. The Delta specialty series includes braces specifically for scoliosis.

Neck brace products include cervical neck collars by brands Comfortland and Wellcare. The website also has stock of pneumatic cervical traction units, which utilize a hand pump to apply traction in the supine position.

Knee injuries are among the most common, especially for active people. Knee and ACL injuries can take a long time to recover from and it’s extremely important for them to have the correct support to speed up the recovery process. Brace Market offers specialized brace supports for osteoarthritis and ACL injuries in all the main brands including Comfortland and Endeavor.

A wide variety of ankle supports are available including Accord, Comfortmax Sport, Tour Quick-Lace, Motion, air/gel stirrup and functional air ankle braces. Straps, splints and gauntlets are also available.

All sorts of wrist, hand and thumb braces are available including the 8-inch universal wrist and thumb splint, the quick-late wrist and thumb splint, extension splints and thumb spicas.

Options for shoulder and arm injuries include the Comfortmax shoulder/arm abduction system, sling and swathes, mesh shoulder immobilizers, waist straps, elbow braces, shoulder pillows and pneumatic armbands.

Foot care support braces include plantar fasciitis, night splints and walkers, orthotics, foot and toe care and compression stockings. The company offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required. Interested parties can find more information and place orders by following the link above.

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