Orthopedic Bicycle Seat Solves Male “Paralysis”

A U.S.A based inventor, Anton Van-Zevenbergen, has just created the Dual Action Seat 400 (D.A.S), eliminating common bicycle use issues such as male “paralysis” and pressure in the hip, groin and knee region.

Jackson, USA – August 9th, 2014 /PressCable/

The Dual Action Seat

is named after its unique design; whereas most conventional bicycles have one

seat, the Dual Action seat, has two separate seats. This allows the groin area

in men and women to stay relaxed, alleviating pressure put on the artery

responsible for blood flow to the genitalia.

The bike seat pivots horizontally and vertically, allowing

the rider maximum comfort and relief of pressure. The rigidity of other bicycle

seats can cause soreness and fatigue. The gel foam padding cushions the

hamstrings and buttocks, giving a longer range of motion.

Dual Action Seat

Bicycling – Physical Therapy and Casual Riding

The D.A.S takes some time getting used to, as the seat(s)

move independently of one another. The rider will experience each leg dropping

and rising, with a longer range of motion, since the seat moves with your

hamstrings and buttocks. The slight vertical movements are to auto-correct any

hip or lateral movements that would otherwise be absorbed by the riders joints.

D.A.S was created to eliminate these vibrations and heavy impacts by allowing

the riders body to naturally flow up and down, and side to side while

maintaining control of the bicycle.

Medical Implications –

Less Pressure = Less Stress on the Body

Bicycling is suggested for low impact rehabilitation. The

pressure sustained in the hip, groin and knee region make it a difficult asset

to use when treating specific injuries. Men and women can suffer bicycle

related issues in terms of genitalia function and sensation.

“I cannot say that sitting on a bicycle seat causes

impotency. But I can go on record supporting data to show that sitting on a

bicycle seat compresses the artery.” Dr. Irwin Goldstein – leading authority on

reproduction systems.

Production Availability

The Dual Action Seat is handcrafted in Jackson New Jersey. Anton

is working with hospitals, and orthopedic rehab facilities in America, and

hopes to ramp up production to support the increased demand. Production will

stay in U.S.A, as quality control and clients rehab, and quality of life are

the main tenants of the company.

Contact Anton Van-Zevenbergen to receive your specialized bicycle saddle via phone or email:

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Name: Anton Van-Zevenbergen
Email: anton@dualactionseat.com
Organization: Dual Action Seat
Website: http://www.dualactionseat.com/
Phone: 6094089979
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