Orthodox Jewish Conversion New Course & Mentor Program Launched

Rabbi Chaim Coffman, who has studied the Torah intensively for over 20 years, has launched a new website for his orthodox Jewish conversion course and mentor program. It details the syllabus and lists numerous testimonials from those who have been through the process.

A new website has launched with full access to an orthodox Jewish conversion course and mentor program with 100% success rate among students going on to prove themselves in the Rabbinical court. Rabbi Chaim Coffman is the man behind the new site and teaches in-depth classes about Jewish rituals and philosophy, alongside the key information and lessons a person needs to know in order to live a full Jewish life.

More information on the course and mentor scheme can be found at: http://orthodoxconversion.com.

Many people embark on the journey to Torah Judaism without prior knowledge or any community connections. These people can easily become frustrated with the lack of support or from the learning process as they struggle to educate themselves on their own. When people approach the religion in this way it can often take years to make it through the process before they convert through a Beis Din. Rabbi Chaim Coffman has studied the Torah intensively for over 20 years, and created his course to meet the needs of these students and guiding them through the process, as well as connecting them to the best communities and a trustworthy Beis Din.

The syllabus focuses learning and processing the knowledge a candidate for conversion needs in order to make a successful conversion. An essential part of this conversion process is the observance of mitzvot, the list of commandments integral to the religion. This is where the candidates must show working in their own time as well, because anyone who doesn’t demonstrate actual observance of the mitzvot won’t be allowed to complete the conversion process.

There are testimonials on the website from candidates who have successfully learned under Rabbi Coffman, and many of them focus on his dedication, commitment support throughout the process. Anyone in two minds about whether or not to investigate the mentoring program further can read through a wide range of experiences from these past candidates, or contact Rabbi Coffman themselves through the website.

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