Orthodontists R&D Tax Credit CBCT Imaging 3D Printing Aligner Guide Launched

Provo, Utah-based Dr. Tax Credit, LLC has just announced the release of its new R&D tax credit guide for orthodontists to assist them with reducing their tax bill.

Provo, Utah-based Dr. Tax Credit, LLC has just announced the release of its new R&D tax credit guide for orthodontists. This new guide is intended to provide orthodontic offices implementing leading-edge technology into their offices with a way to reduce their tax bill.

More information is available at https://www.drtaxcredit.com/orthodontists

This now-available guide is intended to help orthodontists understand and better utilize the Research and Development Tax Credit Assistance for dentists, physicians, and healthcare businesses. This tax credit is found in the Internal Revenue Service Code 41 and was expanded and made permanent in 2015.

By releasing this guide, Dr. Tax Credit aims to help orthodontic offices that use any of the following protocols: CBCT imaging, clear aligner treatment options, 3D printing for in-house aligner/retainer/indirect binding options, or case-type specific wire and bracket systems understand how their businesses fit into the tax code. By using one or more of these treatment modalities, orthodontists are developing systems of care delivery within their own offices. Their clinical results become the foundation for care development.

Dr. Tax Credit finds that orthodontists may be eligible for tax credits of up to six figures. In particular, those clinics that have recently made changes to treatment protocols may have eligibility for Research & Development potential. The founder of Dr. Tax Credit, Benjamin Dyches, is a dentist and attorney, aims to help his clients see both sides of the business.

The now-available guide provides orthodontists with several tools intended to help them assess their business. The first is a breakdown of a CBCT-Enhanced Comprehensive Orthodontic Delivery Process, complete with potential goals, duration of research activity, and phases.

Dr. Tax Credit’s R&D Tax Credit guide for orthodontists also includes an R&D credit calculator to assist clinicians in estimating their tax credit and how they might benefit by using the tax credit offset payroll and income taxes.

To use the R&D Tax Credit Calculator, businesses need only fill in whether they’ve been in business for at least 5 years and how much was spent on W2 salaries and supplies int the technique development category.

More information on the available R&D tax credit for orthodontists, including estimating tax credits and scheduling a free consultation, can be found at the link above.

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