Orthodontist Dr Cuoccio Invisalign For Teens Clinic Opened In East Northport NY

A new orthodontic clinic has opened in East Northport, NY. Dr Nicole Cuoccio is skilled in all orthodontic methods, but is passionate about providing invisalign treatment for teens & adolescents.

Dr Nicole Cuoccio, a leading orthodontist in the New York area, has opened a new clinic location in East Northport. She is fully skilled in all traditional orthodontic methods, but is particularly passionate about providing treatment for teenagers and adolescents using Invisalign.

For more information please visit the website here: https://drnicolecuoccio.com

She is now accepting patients not just from East Northport but surrounding villages and hamlets making up the Towns of both Huntington & Smithtown.

Traditionally, teenagers have disliked braces because they don’t like the look or feel. This can lead to reduced confidence, which has an impact on every aspect of their life.

However, with Invisalign, patients get a new option that provides effective treatment without the clunky look or feel.

Invisalign is a modern way to predictably and comfortably straighten teeth and bites. Patients get a series of clear aligners that makes progress clear.

One of the main benefits of Invisalign is that the wearer can brush and floss their teeth without obstruction. Traditional braces and wires prevent this and cause improper cleaning to take place.

Additionally, patients wearing Invisalign can eat whatever they want. They just have to remove the aligners when they eat, so they’re not limited.

Because there are no brackets or wires, sports injuries are less likely when wearing them. It also means that patients can go for longer periods of time without appointments or checkups.

Dr Nicole Cuoccio states: “Studies have also shown teens with Invisalign are two times more likely to have a boost in self-esteem. Teens can live life uninterrupted since aligners are clear and can be taken out for school photos, drivers license pictures or important life events.“

The main reason for this boost in confidence is that Invisalign has an invisible appearance. They are so clear that they don’t detract from the wearer’s smile or face.

Further details on Invisalign treatment for teens can be found at: https://drnicolecuoccio.com/teen-invisalign

Additional information can be found at: https://mascolodental.com/dr-nicole-cuoccio

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