Orlando Stone Works Releases Study on Limestone Floor Maintenance Strategies

Take advantage of Orlando Stone Works unique knowledge in this specialized field.

Orlando Stone Works has been serving the Central Florida area for over 17 years. During this period, Carl Maddock has had the pleasure of helping clients with their limestone floor maintenance and restoration process.

During the interview, Carl mentioned the number one problem he witnesses both homeowners and businesses alike complain about is their limestone floors become quite soiled and no amount of cleaning will resolve the problem. Limestone especially honed limestone is an extremely porous natural stone. He counsels clients, that they must implement a structured maintenance schedule. Most of these processes may be accomplished in-house.

First on the checklist is keeping the soil and grit outside. Carl mentioned clean walkways and good quality doormats inside and outside each entrance are key to this process. Second on the list is ensuring that your limestone tile floor is properly sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer. A very liberal application of the sealer is required to achieve the results desired. Carl revealed a simple test. Take a small amount of water and place it on the limestone tile. In approximately 5 to 10 minutes if the water has started to absorb into the limestone, your limestone tile is not properly sealed.

Mr. Maddock had remarked that most of the clients they initially serve need some level of limestone restoration performed to restore them to their natural beauty. He commented, a large percentage of his client base have had other companies attempt to merely clean the limestone. Unfortunately, this process is doomed not to work on even moderately soiled limestone tile floors.

Education is the key to success in this field of natural stone restoration and maintenance for Central Florida residents seeking this service. Orlando Stone Works unique blend of education and experience has facilitated an untold number of thrilled homeowners and businesses in this regard.

Orlando Stone Works motto is – “education before any sale.” Carl desires to have all their clients educated on the best practices in maintaining their limestone, travertine, marble and other natural stone surfaces.

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