Orlando Septic Tank Repair and Septic Maintenance Safeguards Families

Orlando septic tank repair and septic maintenance must be followed up with as needed, to avoid health and environmental risks. Residents are asked to call (407) 269-8466 or visit SepticTankProsOrlando.com to schedule an appointment today.

Orlando septic tank repair and lack of general maintenance is becoming a major health and environmental concern. Although these units are a safe and healthy way to dispose of household waste when they’re designed, installed, and cared for properly, many of those throughout Florida are lacking in at least one area.

Residents who need Orlando septic tank repair or general septic maintenance are urged to call (407) 269-8466 or visit SepticTankProsOrlando.com as soon as possible.

Prior to performing an installation, an area must be surveyed and the soil inspected to determine the best possible layout for a unit. This integral step ensures that any pathogens or solid matter is broken down and managed by bacteria that’s naturally present in the soil and unit. However, many of Florida’s units were put together quickly during a housing boom, without the attention to detail they require. Between age and lack of care, units are failing at an alarming rate and the issues are not being addressed quickly enough. Although there were a number of reasons for the recent algae bloom issues, which carried from Florida up the coast, failure to perform septic tank repair and septic maintenance was a big part of the issue.

The recent weather patterns have also caused issues with backups. While slow units are common during soggier times, the poor design of certain units has resulted in ongoing problems and longer times for the soil to dry out after heavy rainfall. As units age and reach the stage where replacement is imminent, it’s imperative to either switch to municipal sewer or address these design and installation faults.

Go to SepticTankProsOrlando.com or call (407) 269-8466 to schedule an appointment today.

Most units will last decades if cared for and not all of Florida’s units require replacement at this point. In many cases, performing simple repairs will enable a family to consider using the same unit and stay healthy, but it’s important to have the units checked and pumped regularly by a professional.

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