Orlando Florida Business Broker Non-Citizen Buyer Relocation Service Launched

A Foreign Relocation Service was launched by The Business Broker of Orlando for non-citizen entrepreneurs looking to apply for a visa that will allow them to relocate to the US with the purchase of a business in Florida.

The Business Broker of Orlando launched a Foreign Relocation Service for non-citizens seeking to purchase a business and move to Florida, with a convenient button on the website provided to click to schedule an initial consultation at no cost to the client.

Go to https://www.businessbrokeroforlando.com for details.

The Business Broker of Orlando provide information on their website about the E-2 treaty investor visa for non US citizens looking to invest in Florida by purchasing a business. E-2 visas are less expensive than other visa types, although it is not the only type of visa that allows a person to come to the US to start a business.

Villejust Brokerage LLC operate The Business Broker of Orlando who are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs with buying, selling or appraising businesses in Orlando. They also provide Business Consultations for existing businesses with services such as the collection of market data and the creation of a complete business plan.

With the launch of their Foreign Relocation Service, this broker includes a free Business Valuation Service, as they do with all business purchases where they represent the client. The Business Broker of Orlando can also assist foreigners relocating to find, purchase and furnish their new home in Florida.

As part of the relocation service, assistance is also provided with hiring an immigration attorney, designing a business plan which is usually requested by US Immigration when processing E-2 Visa applications, and with other business matters such as opening a corporation, setting up bank accounts and other related services.

The Business Broker of Orlando note that the US Government is not interested in what they refer to as ‘marginal’ businesses, meaning that the business being purchased must being going to make a meaningful contribution to the economy. The amount being invested depends on the type of business, but it can start from as little as $50,000.

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