Originally Thought Safe, Smoking Herbal Incense Spurs New Rash of Addictions Across the Nation

Smoking "Safe" Herbal Incense Spurs New Rash of Addictions Across the Nation. Originally, Thought to Be Safe Were Herbal Drugs Found in Many Hookah Lounges That are Now Providing Evidence of Abuse and Psychological Addiction.

Young people all across the nation are finding out the hard way that the drugs sold as herbal incense, Spice, K2, and synthetic marijuana are not as harmless as they have been led to believe. Initially deemed as non-addictive and safe, these drugs have caused major side effects, and even death, to some of its users.

For instance, one teenaged boy from Iowa committed suicide by shooting himself in the head just an hour after doing K2 with his friends. Other reported negative side effects include paranoia, hallucinations, agitation, vomiting and nausea, a racing heartbeat, and elevated blood pressure.

Although the drugs have been touted as natural, users are quickly finding themselves addicted. Researchers say that the drugs haven’t been around long enough to know what long-term effects users will experience, but severe psychotic and violent behavior has been observed in short-term users.

The reason so many people consider the drugs safe are because they are herbal based. “But what many users don’t know is that synthetic chemicals and drugs are added the innocuous herbs to give users a high, says a spokesman from CBLDD – Counseling for a Better Life, Dynamic Directions Therapy and Treatment Centers.” And just like with any other street drug, users have no way of knowing what the substances are that have been added to the herbs. There are stories from people every day who were caught in the trap and are now fighting to overcome serious addictions to these types of drugs.”

Congress and even President Obama have stepped in to make these herbal based drugs illegal, and have passed legislation on some forms of it. In addition, some states, including Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa, Arkansas, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Ohio, South Dakota, and North Carolina have passed independent bills making the drugs illegal. Many people immediately began using these drugs when they first arrived on the scene because they thought it was a safe, legal way to get high.

In fact, the herbal drugs got their start in the many Hookah shops and bars that have popped up all over the nation. But now young people everywhere are struggling with addictions to these synthetic drugs and are desperate for help. The herbal drug addictions appear to be all consuming, much like the so-called harsher street drugs like meth and heroin. It has been found that the addictions are psychological in nature, which is the most difficult type of addiction to overcome.

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