Original Animal Portraits & Landscape Art Prints Ryan Glasmann Collection Launch

RVG Art, a Utah-based fine art studio, launched the Ryan Glasmann collection, an acrylic, oil and pastel animal portrait and landscape series as seen through the eyes of a tbi survivor.

Ogden, Utah-based RVG Art, an original art and print studio, has launched the Ryan Glasmann collection. Ryan Glasmann who began to paint after suffering from a traumatic brain injury and is now recovering, captures the vivid images that he now sees in his artwork. Glasmann’s works are currently selling in galleries across Park City, Utah, with his artistic creations currently available online for people to view and purchase.

More information is available at https://rvgart.com.

Recently launched, the Ryan Glasmann collection includes several hand painted artworks that are also available in Giclée (fine art digital) prints. Painting animals and landscapes in vibrant colors, Glasmann paintings feature srtiking oranges, blues and pink tones.

All paintings are originals and one off. Glasmann uses oil and acrylic paints, as well as pastel Prisma colors in his artworks and he likes to experiment with different techniques to produce artwork that’s both valued by the owner and impressionable for others who view and admire the piece.

Some of Glasmann’s best works include ‘Sun Bull’, a 24 by 48-inch painting of a buffalo, and his series of ‘Comprehend’ pieces, which are a tribute to his beloved horse and capture the true nature, and spirit of this magnificent creature.

Ryan Glasmann is an artist inspired by visions in the world around us, beauty and nature. He believes that his visions are processes of realization as he aims to bring a bit of heaven to earth. He also invites others to embark on a journey with him through his art.

When asked about the artworks that Ryan Glasmann is selling, appreciators said, “Ryan’s use of color is profound, leaving a lasting image. His paintings captivate.”

To find out more about the Ryan Glasmann Collection, call 385 289 7652 or visit the link above. Ryan Glasmann’s works can also be viewed online at https://instagram.com/RVG.art and https://facebook.com/Ryanglasmannart.

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