Organic Free-Range Chicken in Hong Kong Available for Online Meat Delivery

Online meat delivery stores in Hong Kong are seeing a growing demand for top-quality meat products. My Meat Man is a well-respected premium online butcher in Hong Kong that sources and delivers hormone-free organic free-range chicken from Australia to anyone in Hong Kong.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has confined Hong Kong to stay at home for most of 2020. Expats and locals in Hong Kong have made compromises in their lifestyles. Restaurants all over Hong kong are closing every day and the ones still around are making all kinds of offers to get people to order from them or visit their establishments. But just because Hong Kongers are not visiting restaurants does not mean they are making compromises on their food. People in Hong Kong seem to be even more determined to eat healthy good food and focus on the health and nutrition for their families. Meat delivery services in Hong Kong have been reporting a jump in orders specifically for grass fed beef, canadian salmon and hormone-free free range chicken from Australia. Read more about Australian organic free range chicken products on the My Meat Man website here:

A well-rounded food intake consists of carbs, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. With protein being a vital nutrient, and often referred to as the building block of life, people are always looking for its best, most wholesome sources. Chicken meat in general is considered as one of the key sources of protein, as well as other vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A, B, D, Potassium and Sodium. A chicken breast from a organic free-range chicken can fulfill more than 50% of the body’s daily protein needs. It remains critical that the chicken people eat is nutritious, rather than harmful. It is a well-known fact that commercial chicken is raised in poor conditions, given harmful chemicals and hormones to make them grow faster and even transported from one place to another under inhumane conditions. All such practices results in poor quality of chicken meat, that when consumed is more harmful than healthy.

Organic free-range chickens are free to roam around and gather nutrients from their natural surroundings such as nutrient-filled berries and greens – giving the meat that additional source of nutrient value. They are free of growth hormones and artificial supplements that make them grow in size, unnaturally. Free-range chickens have far less fat and do not shrink while cooking – giving the best in health, as well as taste. These nutrition facts make free range chicken the best option for a healthy family diet during the Covid-19 lockdown and after. The best quality free range chicken comes from Australia. For people in Hong Kong, online meat delivery store My Meat Man is bringing the best quality Australian Chilled Hazeldene Accredited Free Range Chicken to the customers who live to eat healthy and love a good hearty meal. Learn more here:

My Meat Man is the best online meat delivery store in Hong Kong. The service was founded by Daryl Platt, who also founded My Wine Man, a service specialising in high quality wine imports. With My Meat Man, people in Hong Kong can now order online, superior quality, premium organic free-range Australian chicken, from their phones or laptops at home, at the most affordable prices. More details can be found at:

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