Organic eco long wearing fashion

Sustainable eco friendly and biodegradable clothing

Sustainable fashion or eco friendly fashion is on the rise. With clothing today costing as little as less than £5, it is possible that fashion / clothing can becoming single use items / clothing. Fast fashion can generally be low cost clothing that is manufactured very quickly to meet the demands for the latest trends.

Because the clothing is so cheap, one can afford to throw away clothes that have been worn just once or few times and as a result this most definitely impacts the environment and climate change.

There has been a rise in popularity of sustainable clothing. Body4Real Organic Cotton clothing is a range that uses organic cotton that follows the ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophy: born from the Earth and returned to the Earth.

Body4Real Organic Cotton Clothing is pure certified Organic Fair-Trade cotton that essentially uses not only 100% pure certified, undyed-cotton, but it also strives to ensure every step in the production process is ethical and pure. Because the fabric has not been dyed, range comes in cotton’s natural colours Brown, Ecru and Green. Ecru is a light beige or fawn. The word comes from French écru, ‘raw’ or ‘unbleached’

Ethically produced, pure untreated organic cotton clothing can be beneficial to those who suffer with extreme allergies or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).

This is a completely pure and biodegradable textile. The cotton from this range can be left on the ground and will end up completely decomposing.

Body4Real Organic Cotton Clothing Key Features:

100% Organic Seeds. Non-Transgenic seeds (Non-GMO)

Eco-friendly agriculture, no use of pesticides or toxic fertilizers, ensuring environmentally sustainable production

Fields worked with animals, free from polluting agricultural machinery

No Irrigation systems, just rainwater

No chemical processes, just a simple washing process

Absolute control of the entire cycle: growing, spinning, weaving and manufacturing

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification for every phase of its process, from spinning to weaving to manufacturing and distribution.

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