Organic Cotton Turkish Bath Towels – Luxury Lightweight Travel Range Launched

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Scoop Marketplace, an online source for zero-waste groceries, has launched a line of Turkish bath towels in a variety of colors.

These new Turkish bath towels are made entirely with organic cotton, which is grown and processed in the same location to reduce the carbon footprint of the final product. Turkish towels require less cotton to manufacture than regular bath towels, while still being equally absorbent.

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The recently launched towel line is manufactured using semi-electric looms in Turkey, using a traditional weaving method.

Turkish towels are known for being compact and lightweight, as well as drying significantly faster than regular bath towels. They have become a long-standing favorite of travelers and individuals with a minimalist lifestyle. Many people have found that the towels dry quickly enough that they do not require being put in the dryer after they are washed.

The towels from Scoop Marketplace are available with black, green, blue, or grey stripes. While the collection is highly durable, it is also surprisingly soft. It is not uncommon to see these bath towels being used for other purposes, including beach towels, yoga mats, scarves, and even sarongs.

For clients concerned about the environmental footprint of their order, Scoop Marketplace offers 100% carbon-neutral shipping for orders within the United States. The company provides tracking numbers for every order, and most items are shipped within a single business week.

To further reduce the footprint of their client’s orders, Scoop Marketplace also reuses their shipping and packing materials. This allows them to cut down on one more source of waste and will usually include a note about how to dispose of the shipping materials properly.

About Scoop Marketplace

The company began in Seattle, Washington, offering packaging-free and zero-waste groceries to customers who were concerned about their environmental impact. Since then, the company has moved to online sales, which has allowed them to make purchases in greater bulk and become even more eco-friendly. Their goal is to provide households with everything they require to live sustainably.

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