Organic Cotton Period Underwear – No-Leak Comfortable Design Products Updated

Mme L'Ovary, an award-winning online retailer of period underwear with removable pads, has launched an updated line of products for the environmentally conscious customer.

The newly updated line offers a variety of options for every shape and lifestyle using natural fibers and absorbent cotton. The leak-proof design provides peace-of-mind while the washable materials cut down on other more costly, one-time-use products that are less environmentally friendly.

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The announcement supports the company’s mission of reducing toxic waste while promoting a positive message around menstruation and increasing body positivity. The underwear offers a convenient, comfortable, and reliable option.

According to Global Citizen, menstruation pads, tampons, and the accompanying wrapping and packaging generate over 200,000 metric tons of waste annually. Non-compostable materials and plastic can take 500 to 800 years to decompose. A single menstruating individual uses anywhere between 5,000 and 15,000 pads and tampons during a lifetime. Adopting methods that reduce waste and are reusable can greatly decrease the amount of waste polluting the planet.

In addition to the popular The Shorty, The Bikini, and The Highty designs, there are three new designs: The Boxy, The Lacy, and The Thongy. Each full-coverage design includes three interchangeable, reusable pads and one anti-leak carrying bag. More information can be found at

Each pair of underwear is made of 94% cotton and 6% lycra. There is a thin layer of 100% cotton, one layer of cotton fleece, and one waterproof layer providing ultimate protection and comfort. The underwear and pad combo is effective during light, moderate, and heavy flows.

Strong odors are a result of blood reacting with the chemical components used in synthetic materials. With the absence of chemicals, wearers of this product line can benefit from less odor. Designed with the balance of vaginal flora in mind, wearers will not be susceptible to toxic shock syndrome as is the case when using synthetically-made period products.

The website also offers kits, such as the Postpartum Kit and the Discovery Kit. Laundry capsules made of essential tea tree oil offer an anti-bacterial, sanitizing way to deep clean the reusable pads and underwear. Bar soaps that are safe for private parts, and an herbal tea for the female reproductive system complete the array for period preparation.

Mme L’Ovary seeks to increase discussions on what has typically been a taboo subject in a safe and inclusive space. The company was created by a circus artist needing ultimate protection during performances, who also desired to find a more eco-friendly alternative for period products. Providing healthier products and helping others to have a more positive view of the menstrual cycle is part of the company’s mission.

A satisfied client stated, “The Mme L’Ovary Shorty combined with their removable pads allow me to enjoy an entire day without problems and in total comfort.”

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