Organic CBD Cream Best Chronic Pain/Insomnia Natural Treatment Guide Released

A treatment guide on how to use CBD cream for pain and other ailments was released by Noble Hemp, an online resource for CBD-based products, and online store.

Noble Hemp, an online health and wellness company specializing in the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) for mind and body well-being, released a new treatment guide titled, “CBD Cream for Pain.” The company offers resources about how CBD can be used for common ailments and offers an online store with multiple CBD products available for purchase.

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With the release of this new guide, information is shared on how CBD cream can be effective for several types of pain including knee, joint, back, and nerve pain. The guide also covers the use of CBD cream for arthritis, insomnia, stress, muscle spasms, and Achilles tendonitis.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20.4% of adults experienced chronic pain in 2019, while 7.4% of adults that year experienced pain severe enough to affect daily work and life activities. Chronic pain increases with age, and is one of the most common reasons that adults seek medical care.

CBD is made from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. CBD is different from marijuana because it does not contain THC, the ingredient commonly associated with hallucinogenic effects. CBD does not produce a “high.” It is wholly natural, and does not have any serious side effects.

CBD cream, made of oil infused with CBD, is a topical treatment useful in alleviating multiple types of pain, and other therapeutic processes such as peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis pain, and inflammation. It is known as an effective analgesic.

This treatment guide discusses the benefits of CBD cream on a variety of ailments in detail, as well as important considerations when purchasing CBD products. The guide also provides a chart with dosage recommendations.

With this latest treatment guide release, Noble Hemp affirms its dedication to improving lives through research, education, and acceptance.

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