Orem UT Flooding Water Damage Cleanup/Remediation Expert Services Expanded

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Remediation company Utah Disaster Specialists has expanded its services to help customers in the Orem, Utah area deal with water damage quickly and prevent mold growth or future damage to the home.

Utah Disaster Specialists, a disaster remediation company near Orem, Utah, has expanded its services to help clients whose properties have been damaged by natural disasters, leaks, pipe bursts, and other types of flooding.

More details can be found at https://www.utahdisasterspecialists.com/water-damage

By expanding its water damage cleanup services, Utah Disaster Specialists aims to help clients restore their homes to their former glory after a disaster has occurred. Its expert technicians remove excess water to prevent further damage to the home, check for mold, and clean damaged surfaces.

One of the company’s specialties is cleaning up flooded basements. Logistically, basements are difficult rooms to remove water from, but Utah Disaster Specialists has the necessary tools and machinery to complete the job efficiently. Qualified technicians use industrial sump pumps to remove the water, and then use high-powered fans and industrial heaters to dry out saturated wood and drywall.

Utah Disaster Specialists can deal with water damage caused by leaky pipes, backed up sewer systems, broken water mains, and ice damming on roofs. Regardless of the cause, a key step in water remediation is checking for mold and dry rot that result from excess moisture. Fast mold removal is essential, because mold spreads quickly, and airborne spores can often lead to respiratory problems.

Utah Disaster Specialists also handles disasters that are not water-related. Its technicians can clean up fire and smoke damage, get rid of sewage, and remove dust and allergens from air ducts.

Utah Disaster Specialists services homeowners in Orem, Utah and surrounding areas, including Layton, Lehi, Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake City, and Provo. Its highly trained technicians use industrial machinery to restore homes that have been damaged by mold, fire, or water. They work with homeowners to assess the damage, itemize materials, and create a remediation plan.

A satisfied client said, “We had a mold situation in our home because of a slow water leak. We called Utah Disaster Specialists and they were able to help us and take care of the mold issue. We are so grateful to them and will recommend them to our family and friends.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://www.utahdisasterspecialists.com

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