Orchard SG Mandarin Conversation Course/Verbal Fluency Training Class Launched

Crystal Learning Language School has launched a conversational Mandarin course for Singaporean language learners. The course prioritizes speaking over studying grammar.

Crystal Learning Language School, a Singapore-based language training center, has announced the launch of its Mandarin Chinese conversation course. Candy Lee, founder of the language school, was inspired to create the conversational Mandarin course by her own firsthand experience with learning the language.

Additional information is available at https://crystallearning.edu.sg/mandarin-courses/conversational

The launch of the Mandarin conversation course provides language learners in Singapore with an opportunity to achieve verbal fluency in Mandarin as quickly as possible.

Many people have studied foreign languages for years but still have very limited abilities and are unable to maintain a conversation. Typically, this is due to a lack of emphasis on speaking skills. Verbal communication improves the recall of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, and makes using a language much more natural.

The goals of most language learners are speaking-related. Thus, focusing on verbal fluency is the most effective way to achieve such goals.

At Crystal Learning Language school, the teaching staff recognizes the need for speaking opportunities in the classroom. Therefore, the Mandarin conversation course avoids in-depth study of complex grammar structures and instead focuses on verbal production.

The conversation course focuses on the practical components of Mandarin and gives students the tools they need to begin communicating quickly.

The course is taught by qualified Chinese teachers who have extensive experience with Singaporean students. Further, the small class sizes of 6 to 8 students allow instructors to give personalized attention to each student and design course materials that meet their specific needs.

With the launch of the conversational Mandarin course, the training center shows its renewed commitment to helping students to quickly develop practical language skills that they can apply in the real world.

Students speak highly of the school’s courses, as student Swee Ming said: “I enjoyed the lessons, and they helped me improve my speaking ability. I also improved my grammar and vocabulary, and I learned how to use words correctly. Without my teacher’s guidance, I would not have realized the mistakes I was making.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://crystallearning.edu.sg

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