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A new indoor plant installation service has been launched by Forever Green. They provide quality, detail-oriented service throughout Northern and Southern California.

Forever Green has launched a new interior landscaping design service for clients around Northern and Southern California. Their specialist team works to transform indoor spaces with plant installation and maintenance and a focus on improving workplace productivity.

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The newly launched service is designed to meet the need for relaxing, eye-catching and productive workspaces as companies reopen following the pandemic. Forever Green Interior Landscaping have over 30 years of experience in the field and pride themselves on high quality service.

With the launch of their new interior landscaping solutions, they aim to cater to each client’s bespoke plant requirements. As a premier interior landscaping company, they work hard to ensure satisfaction with every job.

Their full range of plant installation services include design, installation and maintenance. Clients receive free consultations and the team works closely together with each customer to ensure the project meets their budget requirements.

Serving the Southern and Northern California California areas, the company is dedicated to a high standard of plant design and service. As part of this focus, they are committed to providing clients with quality plants that meet their aesthetic criteria, with fresh and updated designs to enhance any environment.

Ongoing research and studies show that there are numerous benefits to implementing plant design within an office or indoor space. The Journal of Psychological Anthropology reveals that plants in the home or office can help to reduce stress levels.

Furthermore, there is data showing that indoor plants can be therapeutic, sharpen attention, and boost productivity. With many businesses returning to work following lockdown, small details like this can help to promote a healthier and more productive workspace.

Forever Green guarantees healthy plants as part of their new service launch. If a client considers the plant unattractive, it will be rotated with a plant of like species without charge.

Clients will discover that every plant designed and installed by the Forever Green team compliments the theme of the building in question. This attention to detail helps to ensure client satisfaction.

Full details of the new service can be found on the URL above.

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