Orange VA In Home Care Personal Assisted Living Compassionate Support Expanded

Visiting Angels Charlottesville Living Assistance for residents of Orange, VA, is expanding its servicing to include individually tailored social care, in home support, and companionship plans.

Visiting Angels Charlottesville, a living assistance agency serving the elderly in Orange, Virginia, is expanding its non-medical in home care services to include social and activity plans individually tailored to its clients. Designed as a customized, comprehensive approach to seniors care, Visiting Angels Charlottesville helps homebound seniors in the town of Orange enjoy the independence and companionship they need, while maintaining meaningful routines and valuable connections with family, friends and community.

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For many aging adults, the idea of moving into a retirement community or nursing home is not something they’re willing to consider. Visiting Angels Charlottesville’s non-medical living assistance services gives seniors the in home care they desire, at an affordable cost, according to individual home care preferences. The expansion of their services to include a social and activity plan offers assistance with household tasks while providing important companionship, and engaging in meaningful conversations, to help clients remain emotionally and physically vibrant.

Reports show that nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered to be socially isolated. The loss of family or friends and hearing loss put seniors at a higher risk of sinking into loneliness and socially isolated lifestyles.

Visiting Angels Charlottesville helps seniors age in place while still maintaining valuable social connections and a fulfilling sense of independence. Caregivers are attentively matched to their clients so that individual health requirements, self care requirements, pastime preferences and household assistance requirements are carried out in such a way that the caregiver feels like family.

Often, a Visiting Angels Charlottesville caregiver’s visit is the highlight of their elderly client’s day.

Ensuring the highest safety standards remains a top priority at Visiting Angels Charlottesville. The home care agency is licensed, bonded and fully insured. Background checks and verification of previous employment as well as reference checks are all part of the caregiver selection process.

The comprehensive program now offered by Visiting Angels Charlottesville Living Assistance provides a compassionate, multi-pronged approach to in home care. By assisting with chores and engaging in pastimes and conversation, clients enjoy a sense of family, similar to days gone by.

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