Orange County PTSD Trauma Rehab Anxiety And Depression Dual Treatment Launched

PTSD and Trauma Drug Rehab, a leading treatment facility in Orange County CA, is launching a new anxiety and depression dual treatment program alongside PTSD and substance abuse

PTSD and Trauma Drug Rehab a leading treatment facility based in Orange County CA, has launched a new dual treatment program designed to treat anxiety and depression. The new program has been launched to support individuals with complex mental health and substance abuse needs.

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The dual diagnosis program is designed to review and treat some of the long-term side effects of PTSD, which include substance and alcohol abuse and mental health issues. Anxiety and depression are just two of the complex mental health issues that can come as a result of PTSD.

The team at PTSD and Trauma Drug Rehab understands the role that anxiety and depression can play in an individual’s recovery. They can hold people back and stop them from making the progress they want and indeed strive to achieve.

Recovery is a lifelong commitment and there is no quick fix. That’s why the programs provided by PTSD and Trauma Drug Rehab are designed to support patients throughout their recovery journey. The environment at the treatment facility is designed to be secure, safe and supportive.

The company specializes in treating other mental health issues including Bi-Polar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), gambling addiction as well as borderline personality disorder (BPD). The primary aim of the treatment facility is to diagnose multiple issues and then treat each one individually.

A holistic approach is implemented by treatment facility alongside traditional methods such as counseling and therapy. This includes working on coping mechanisms such as shame resiliency, self-compassion, radical acceptance and recreational therapy. Other complementary treatments include meditation and mindfulness.

A spokesperson for the company said, “At PTSD and Trauma Drug Rehab, we offer a dual approach to diagnosis and treatment. We understand mental health issues can cause individuals to have a range of complex needs on top of PTSD or substance abuse, for example.”

They continued, “We take a holistic and individual, faith-based approach to ensure our patients receive a well-rounded care package that takes into account many different aspects and gives them the best possible chance of long-lasting recovery.”

The facility takes a faith-based approach to rehabilitation in addition to a dual approach. To find out more about the range of programs available, please use the website link provided above.

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