Orange County Health Conscious Candle Co Aromatherapy Mood Report Released

Orange County health-conscious luxury candle and diffuser company Aroma Seize have released a report profiling popular aromatherapy scents and the science behind their mood-enhancing benefits.

Aroma Seize, a plant-based aromatherapy and home-spa brand based in Orange County, have released a report on why scents make people happy. “Why Do Scents Make You Happy?” explores the science behind aromatherapy and sense memory enhanced by pleasant home scents such as lavender, which can soothe anxiety and encourage relaxation, according to the University of Miami School of Medicine.

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Aroma Seize is an online store offering a range of aromatherapy products including luxury reed diffusers, healing-intention soy candles, natural soap bars, and room sprays.

All of their products are proudly environmentally responsible, plant-based, synthetic-free, petroleum-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

The newly launched report suggests that vanilla scents are an overwhelmingly popular choice, making people feel happy and relaxed according to Chemical Senses and International Flavors and Fragrance.

This soothing fragrance is available in the form of Aroma Seize’s best-selling product, the Vanilla Sugar Soy candle. Made with eco-friendly soy wax, cotton wicks, and pure essential oils, the Vanilla Sugar candle is filled with reiki healing intention and non-toxic, luxurious ingredients.

The new aromatherapy report also suggests that citrus-toned scents can naturally create an uplifting aroma, while studies on jasmine indicates that the flower induces positivity and enhances happiness according to a study at Rutgers University.

Aroma Seize produces a cruelty-free Citrus Burst body, room, and linen spray which scents and purifies the air, for a diffused citrus fragrance that can enhance mental concentration by 54% according to some Japanese studies.

Alternatively, peppermint scented home aromatherapy products invigorate and stimulate the mind to support concentration and productivity, which is why Aroma Seize’s Natural Soap Bar in Peppermint Kombucha is infused with natural peppermint oil.

Handmade and health-conscious, the Aroma Seize soap bars are designed to pamper and heal the body, while offering the senses the mood-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy.

A spokesperson for the company said “Our sprays are created from pure essential oils and are blended to enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Our intention is to use ingredients from earth that nourish, heal and protect the body instead of using harmful synthetic chemicals that are cheaper and compromise the immune system.”

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