Orange County CA Auto Injury Chiropractor – Whiplash/Concussion Treatment Update

Dr. Barry Marks (1-714-938-0575), a chiropractor that caters to Orange County, California, launches his updated service for car crash injury victims.

This announcement is meant to provide an all-natural and non-invasive solution to musculoskeletal pain. Among the issues Dr. Marks can treat are whiplash and concussion — two of the most common injuries associated with vehicular collisions.

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This revamped offering also enables clients to identify latent injuries that may not have manifested immediately. To ensure the highest level of care, Dr. Marks has undergone post-doctorate specialty training in orthopedics, whiplash, brain trauma, and disability evaluation.

According to industry data, there are almost 200,000 car accidents per year in California alone. Even minor crashes can lead to serious injuries that may hamper a person’s quality of life.

However, traditional medical procedures may not always resolve chronic pain. Moreover, many underlying injuries may go undiagnosed, leading to further discomfort. Dr. Marks uses his training to identify all possible causes of pain then crafts a holistic treatment plan.

He will use manual manipulation of bones and the spine to correct misalignments to minimize and eventually stop the discomfort. The doctor likewise uses massage to ease muscles and relieve strain. Depending on the patient’s situation, Dr. Marks may also use heat-and-cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and laser light treatment.

First-time patients will receive special rates on select treatments and diagnostic exams. They can also take advantage of a neuropathy evaluation at no extra cost. To schedule an appointment, people simply need to call the office or use the booking tool on the website.

About Dr. Barry Marks

Dr. Barry Marks believes that alternative treatments like chiropractic are an excellent complement to traditional medicine. He is a native of Southern California and is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. As part of his contribution to the field, he has delivered informative lectures on the topic of personal injuries.

Dr. Marks says: “A true auto accident specialist has special training in diagnosing and treating related injuries. Additionally, they know how to work with your lawyer and are experienced at providing courtroom testimony. This is what you can expect when you work with me.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the practitioner and his services.

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