Orange CA Non-Invasive Cellulite Removal – Body Sculpting Treatment Launched

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Orange, CA—Dr. Barry Marks Chiropractor (714-938-0575) is on a mission to help residents feel better about themselves with his updated non-invasive body sculpting services in his office. The procedure uses state-of-the-art technology that safely melts away unwanted fat with no downtime.

With this latest update, those who want to get rid of stubborn belly fat or cellulite around the arms and thighs can do so without undergoing surgery. Dr. Barry Marks, DC, says that each service takes around 45 minutes to complete, with patients being able to move and go about their day almost immediately.

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The clinic has brought in XS-Sculpt to provide non-invasive body sculpting services include lipo cavitation, which breaks down unwanted fat cells; vacuum therapy, which improves lymphatic drainage for weight loss; heat therapy, which reduces cellulite; facial heat therapy for increased collagen production; Brazilian butt lifts, which firms the buttocks; and lipo laser panels for smoother skin.

According to several studies, one of the biggest body insecurities people have is stubborn belly fat. Even those who regularly exercise and maintain a proper diet may find it difficult to achieve a svelte figure due to fat around their stomach that will not go away. Experts note that this has an evolutionary purpose, as the body stores fat for survival.

Nevertheless, those who want to look and feel their best can try a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that sculpts their body into their desired form. Dr. Marks explains that despite popular perceptions on the industry, body sculpting treatments have been proven to significantly improve mental health among its patients, who often feel depressed about their figure.

To celebrate its updated services with XS-Sculpt, Dr. Barry Marks, DC offers discounts for clients who purchase multiple session packages.

All the services are available for Anaheim, Orange, and Santa Ana Residents. Clients are encouraged to schedule their appointments at least a day prior to limit walk-ins and practice social distancing. Interested parties may also call the office to discuss any concerns they may have.

A $75 deposit is required to reserve an appointment.

A satisfied client wrote, “The process from start to finish was excellent. They were understanding and helpful. They were knowledgeable and kind. The office staff was very welcoming.”

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