Orange CA Chiropractor Whiplash Car Accident Injury Therapy/Treatments Launched

Specialist car accident injury treatments are available at Dr Marks' clinic in Orange County. He treats car crash injuries using a wide range of effective chiropractic techniques.

Dr Marks, a chiropractor and car injury whiplash specialist based in Orange County, California, has launched new car accident injury treatments at his clinic.

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The launch is ideally suited to patients who have suffered whiplash, concussion, and other injuries in a collision. Treatments are carried out by Dr Barry Marks, a car accident injury specialist who has extensive experience and training in treating car accident trauma and injury and has been helping car accident victims since 1986.

Dr Marks explains that car accident victims often don’t experience injury symptoms for weeks or even months after a collision and that individuals are often left with a lot of pain and many questions.

Treatment of car accident injury first starts with an examination. Dr Marks will use his years of specialist training to locate and diagnose each individual’s specific injury by examining many areas of the body, including bones, brain, discs, joints, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. After a thorough examination, he will devise a treatment plan for each patient. Each plan will focus on relieving pain associated with injury, combating spasms, and restoring full range of motion to the affected areas.

Several techniques are used to ensure effective treatment of the injury. These include heat and cold electrical stimulation, gentle adjustments, laser light therapy, and more.

As part of the launch, Dr Marks can also provide guidance on the legal aspects of car accident injury and is experienced in providing courtroom testimonies that are sometimes required for insurance claims. He explains that medical practitioners and general chiropractors often miss hidden injuries, and as a result individuals are not able to claim for all the compensation they are entitled to. Using his special skills, he is able to identify and document all car accident injuries.

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Dr Barry Marks is one of the leading car accident injury doctors, having helped thousands of car accident victims receive the most successful treatment with car accident whiplash and brain injury specialist.

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