Orange CA Car Accident Injury Whiplash – Chiropractor Pain Relief Guide Launched

Orange, California - Dr. Barry Marks Chiropractor (714-938-0575), an auto crash injury specialist, has released a new article titled: "Why Car Accidents Are Worse in the Rain." The post highlighted why car crash injuries in rainy weather are more severe than in dry pavement collisions.

The latest article is part of the ongoing efforts by the chiropractor to educate motorists on the many factors that determine the amount of bodily harm one can sustain in a car accident. Led by Dr. Barry Marks, a renowned specialist with over 35 years of hands-on experience treating a wide range of car crash injuries, the clinic prides itself on its personalized treatments and ability to provide quick interventions to help relieve pains and inflammations after an accident.

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The reputable chiropractic office, through its newly released post, explained that automobile crash injuries can range from mild soft tissue soreness to more severe cases, such as whiplash, concussion, and permanent damage to the spine. However, experienced vehicle accident chiropractors can identify these injuries earlier, leading to quicker, positive outcomes.

In an accident, the force of the collision can throw the body out of alignment. But using its proven chiropractic techniques, the team at Dr. Barry Marks Chiropractor can adjust the body and relieve much of the pain. The Orange, California chiropractic office deploys a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients, ensuring the underlying cause of the issues is addressed.

Before treatment can begin, Dr. Barry Marks usually performs in-depth examination, which may include physical evaluation, postural and visual assessment, as well as a digital x-ray to gain a complete understanding of the condition.

Based on the insight gained, the team will create a personalized treatment plan focused on helping the patient get out of pain naturally and as quickly as possible.

Once out of pain, the skilled chiropractor moves the patient to the next phase of treatment, which involves active exercises to help them regain strength and improve their range of motion.

Patients can expect the highest quality of service, from the first moment they walk into the office to their last treatments. The clinic accepts most insurance providers and will help the patient navigate the paperwork so they can maximize their claims.

A satisfied patient said: “I am glad I found Dr. Marks after my accident. I was rear-ended at a stoplight and suffered injuries that required months of treatment. Dr. Marks not only got my concussion and injuries under control, but he helped me deal with the intimidating insurance company of the person who hit me.”

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