OPM (One Punch Man) DataBook Fitness Workout Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Fans of One Punch Man launched a new Kickstarter campaign showcasing the workout book created by them. Designed to help people achieve a healthy and active lifestyle to improve their fitness with a reliable workout routine.

A new exciting Kickstarter campaign has been launched, the OPM DataBook, based on the critical acclaimed fictional superhero, One Punch Man, created by Japanese manga artist ONE. The superhero is extremely overpowered, ending his fights without challenge. He once revealed the source of his power to his workout regime of 100 repetitions of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, including a 10km run every single day for a duration of three years.

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One Punch Man’s disciple, Genos, once asked about the secret to OPM’s strength. However, he did not believe his master’s answer fully and started keeping a detailed notebook of his master’s daily activity to discover the truth.

It’s this notebook that fans of One Punch Man have sought to recreate in their Kickstarter campaign. The OPM DataBook started as a fun project to recreate Geno’s journal in real life and has now evolved into something useful to contribute to the fitness community.

The OPM DataBook, which has been created by the artist’s fans and has no direct support or endorsement by him, comprises a 100-day consistent training workout, completed continuously or with rest day breaks as required.

The book, designed as a close buddy for daily workouts and a partner for everyday lives. In addition to this, it provides a simple framework for achieving a consistent workout regime.

The OPM DataBook is about half the size of a paper printer and weighs around 250g. Printed on high-quality wood free paper, which is bleed resistant, and off-white to improve readability. Each book is carefully hand bound, with a faux leather cover and an elastic enclosure.

Backers can now donate to the project and receive rewards for their contribution. Rewards are available in tiers, based on how much they offer to help the project come to fruition.

The book was designed to help people to transform their lives and achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

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