ONYX Pilates Reformer connected fitness promises better Pilates workouts at-home

Out of the pandemic rises the Pilates Reformer by ONYX. It aims to change the at-home workout space geared at Pilates enthusiasts with new technology so that one can stay facing forward and follow the workout without interruption.

Out of the pandemic rises the newly designed Pilates Reformer by ONYX Interactive. It aims to change the at-home workout scene geared at Pilates enthusiasts who follow Solidcore and LeGree style of Pilates as well as traditional players like Balanced Body and Stott Pilates workouts. ONYX promises to be the leader in the at-home connected Pilates space.

Pilates was the most requested workout that was missing from the Peloton Platform. ONYX is taking on this request. Unlike working out on a treadmill or bike, where one stays facing forward to follow an instructor on a fixed screen, working out on a Pilates reformer at home is almost impossible until now. With a traditional Pilates reformer, the workouts have you moving in all four directions. Certain pulling and pushing movements can only be performed facing the front or back of the machine because the springs and handles come only from one side. This means that to perform a connected Pilates workout, one would be twisting their neck to see the screen. This puts the body out of alignment and makes it difficult to follow any instructions. That’s where the ONYX Reformer is different. It has new, patent-pending technology so that one can stay facing the screen and follow the workout without interruption. ONYX reformer adds a new modern, sleek design, modular elements, and is creating the best in content to go along with it.

ONYX promises a new Patent-pending dual-directional spring technology providing the ability to stay facing forward at the screen without sacrificing movement or alignment. Plus the innovative, ergonomic design provides more function and movement than a traditional reformer. It carries the features of a mega-reformer with its twin base platforms. This means one can stand on the platform facing forward from either side of the carriage. It also allows for ease of movement with modular handles and detachable accessories for easy storage and more ways to perform functional exercises. This makes it the perfect hybrid reformer for both classical and athletic styles of Pilates exercises.

ONYX has the best workouts for every body and at every level. From beginner to professional athlete, ONYX’s instructor-led programs offer safe, effective, on-demand and live workouts for all fitness levels and abilities. The workouts will have four unique offerings including classical flow, athletic strength, beginner and pain prevention classes for those recovering from injuries. Pilates is well-known for focusing on strengthening the core muscles, breath engagement and spine movement. Joseph’s Pilates designed a reformer to “reform” the body to improve daily living. These teachings were focused on the spine structure which today is referred to as the core. ONYX takes these teachings and opts to create more movements, more function, and deliver the most comprehensive programming library for a safer workout.

Founders, Jonathan Montet and Andrea Metcalf are eager to change lives and transform the world of Pilates. They are founders committed to excellence. Jonathan has been an executive with top companies including United, Starbucks, and Uber. As a triathlete who kept getting injured, Jonathan found Pilates as the secret to staying injury-free, stronger to achieve best performance and was an early adopter to connected fitness. He had a home reformer but was frustrated with the workout experience and put pen to paper to sketch out the ONYX design. Andrea’s background includes more than 35 years in the fitness world as a sought-after celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist. She has a best-selling book, appearances on national networks including the NBC Today Show, Steve Harvey and an expert writer for Oprah.com. As an owner of a Pilates studio that closed due to Covid, she saw her clients come into the studio when classes were banned to workout on their own while watching her workouts on the screens in the studio. She knew this was something people needed more of and joined Jonathan’s team.

Almost twelve months in making, the ONYX Reformer will be available in January 2022 with an Indiegogo campaign launch.

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