Ontario Tankless Water Heater For Residential & Commercial Use Launched

Ontario tankless water heater dealership Tankless Experts announced the launch of its installation and maintenance services in the city of Burlington. The firm supplies and installs a wide range of water heating systems with specific focus on the energy-saving benefits of tankless systems from Navien.

Burlington, Ontario tankless water heater service provider Tankless Experts Inc announced the launch of its complete tankless solutions in the city. The firm provides installation, maintenance, and repair services covering water heaters, boilers, furnaces and air filtration systems.

More information about Tankless Experts is available at http://tanklessexpertsinc.com

Conventional water heaters expend and waste energy by a continuous or temperature-regulated heating of stored water. Despite advancements in insulation technology, heat losses from stored water necessitate frequent reheating and may result in higher energy costs.

Tankless water heating is a transformational technology that benefits homes and businesses by providing a safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible form of heating. Tankless systems are commonly used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, and industrial facilities. Tankless Experts now migrates this vital technology to residential buildings with a brand new heating system.

The Tankless Experts system requires no additional storage and heats water on demand. Conventional tankless heaters also waste energy by allowing hot exhaust gases generated by high-temperature gas burners to escape the appliance’s primary heat exchange chamber. Tankless Experts uses Navien recovers heat through a condensing heat exchange chamber to significantly lower the energy requirements of the heater.

Additional energy-saving mechanisms in tankless heaters include a water-flow sensor for optimized energy use. Tankless water heaters are capable of providing 4 gallons of water at 70°F without a user having to wait or fear scalding. The absence of a tank lowers maintenance costs and ensures the availability of hot water all through the year.

According to a spokesperson for Tankless Experts, “Our focus on residential tankless water heaters is a testament to the safety, efficiency, and energy-saving features of this new line of products that are now available through us in Burlington. Our licensed expert technicians specialize in tankless water heater installation and are Navien Service Specialists (NSS).”

Tankless Experts is located on Hager Avenue in Burlington and supplies, installs and maintains a wide range of heating and air filtration products for residential, commercial and industrial environments. More information is available at the URL above.

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