Ontario Canada Cold Brew Coffee No Chemical Unbleached Filter Bag Launched

The Brewing Dad, the Canadian coffee specialists, has announced the launch of a new cold brew coffee product. The cold brew cotton filter bag offers safe brewing, and offers a balance between strong brew and the right filtering level.

Canadian coffee company, The Brewing Dad, has announced the launch of a new cold brew coffee making product. The cold brew filter bag was released in order to fill a gap in the market and to provide Canadians with a less expensive cold brewing alternative with a difference. The company, based in Ottawa, Ontario, wanted to offer something different to the usual American products at a fair price.

More information is available on The Brewing Dad website at: http://brew-coffee.ca.

The cold brew filter coffee bag is made from unbleached, no dye, untreated cotton, because the coffee is steeped for 12 hours or more. Many people choose to use nylon nut milk bags and repurpose them, but the company says this isn’t the best when the coffee is brewing for so long. The cotton alternative allows users to brew coffee safely, and free of chemicals.

On the company website, interested parties can discover how they can drink cold brew coffee all year round, because it’s a smooth, almost sweet drink without any bitterness. Once brewed, it can be stored in the fridge for more than a week, making it one of the most convenient ways to enjoy coffee.

In keeping with this, the product has been designed to mimic that ease. The cotton filter bag can improve the brewing experience, because its shape and design makes it easier to handle the bag. The weight of the material also allows for a better balance between a strong brew and the right filtering level.

The Brewing Dad company explains that they wanted their customers to feel safe and confident in their product, allowing them to brew coffee with confidence that no chemicals will be seeping into their coffee.

Dorian Bodnariuc, the owner of The Brewing Dad, said: “We wanted to try something new with the Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bag. Anyone familiar with the Canadian market will probably have noticed how everyone else brings American products and sell them at high prices. I didn’t think this was fair, Canadians don’t deserve to pay three times for the same product.”

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