OnSho Shoes Launches Private Label Shoe Collection with a Signature Blue Sole

OnSho Shoes launches a Brand New Shoe Line Branded with a Vibrant Blue Sole. OnSho Shoes' New Shoe Line will please even the most discriminating shoe connoisseur.

Houston, TX: OnSho Shoes, a Houston-based retailer of Italian shoes, womens and mens boots, and other footwear, has released its own private label shoe collection, which will be sold alongside Italian footwear from dozens of leading high-fashion designers.

OnSho Private Label Delivers Italian Quality At A Great Price

Since the company was founded,OnSho Shoes has been focused on selling Italian shoes womens at great prices. Despite this, the company found that some Italian shoes were simply out of reach for the budget of the typical American consumer. Luxury comes at a price, which not everyone can pay.

That is what most other retailers would say. However, the team at Onsho Shoes didn’t accept this. Instead of simply keeping prices high, they made it their goal to build a better shoe – a shoe that offered Italian quality at a low price. This is how the Onsho Shoes Private Label was born.

“We wanted to make sure that all everyday Americans can buy shoes that look great, feel comfortable, and make them feel better about themselves,” said the CEO, Kristen Jones, of Onsho Shoes. “And the Onsho Shoes Private Label allows us to achieve this goal.”

These shoes use the same high-quality materials, assembling techniques, and factories that are used to create shoes for some of the most renowned, prestigious worldwide brands. However, because OnSho Shoes sells these shoes directly, they can eliminate the cost of retail and marketing, which helps keep prices down, and ensures that their private label collection remains affordable for everyday American consumers.

The Onsho Shoes Private Label offers consumers a Blue Sole that looks incredible and is soon going to be as prominently known as the ‘red sole’ shoe maker of the shoe market today. From flats to heels, wedges, boots, sandals, brogues, and more, our OnSho consumers will be able to choose from a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials.

Private Label shoes aren’t just available for women, either. There are a number of men’s styles that are already available, such as Oxfords and brogues, with plans for even more shoes, such as boots, sneakers, and other such footwear, which will be released in the future.

For more information about the current lineup of OnSho Private Label shoes can get regular updates at @onshoshoes on Twitter and Facebook. For further press inquiries, calls may be directed at 1-844-44ONSHO or click on the website link below.

About OnSho Shoes: OnSho Shoes is a Houston-based footwear retailer, founded to provide shoe shoppers with an all-in-one store where they can shop for the highest-quality Italian shoes womens, and get everything they need for an affordable price. In addition, another goal of OnSho Shoes is dedicated to giving back to the community, by donating a portion of profits to charities that help the homeless, veterans, sexual assault survivors and more.

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