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An online Wellness Magazine has been launched. It presents interesting articles in an easy to read digest format. Readers can comment on the selected articles.

A unique online Wellness Magazine has been launched promoting an inspirational, positive, and encouraging lifestyle. It collects articles from various sources, curates them and presents them in an attractive, easy to read digest format. Readers can comment on the selected articles and ask questions or offer their opinions.

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The launch of this magazine is intended to bring current information on Alternative Health, Fitness, Longevity, Positive Thinking, Recipes and Weight Loss. The mission of the magazine is to provide a digest version of articles and resources that motivate, inspire and often challenge conventional wisdom. A link is provided at the end of each article if a reader would like like to read the complete article directly from its source.

The launch of now provides readers with the highest level of information in several very popular categories. However, it does not shy away from controversial issues. It reports on these issues and gives it’s readers an avenue to respond in the comments section.

An example of a controversial article is ‘Live 30 Years Longer.’ about the topic of longevity. In this article Stephen L. DeFelice M.D. is quoted saying, “Convincing clinical and laboratory studies indicate that the aging process in humans and animals can be either slowed down or reversed. In just a few weeks, test patients were able to completely reverse artery plaque, lower their cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, and shed up to 23 lbs. of weight.”

Other titles include Keto Diet for Beginners, Low Carb Smoked Salmon Stuffed Avocados, Prosper While You Sleep, 7 Secret Steps to Manifest Anything that You Desire into Your Life, Discover Why You Should Never Drink Cold Water, 10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease and more.

This online magazine is both informative and enjoyable to read. There is no subscription fee. It is supported through affiliate relationships with various companies mentioned in articles. During the launch, the company is giving away a free book called, “How To Burn Fat Without Cutting Calories & Extreme Exercise”

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